in this time of drab greyness
what makes you cheerful, lifts your mood

so many things can uplift
like vivid colours, humour, smiles, music

a friendly acknowledge, a compliment
or earth yourself gardening or creating

reward yourself with cheerful ‘things’
each day we are blessed to be alive

just read the news headlines
no need to flood yourself with details

make some changes, be spontaneous
or develop a routine, we have time to add spice

so cook something different
call an old friend, watch a comedy

finally read that book
or better still publish one!


  1. Lovely ideas. I could add; put more crystals in your windows so rainbow will be in abundance when the sun is out!

    Over here winter is in full swing, but just by looking out the window I can still see green grass and blue sky.

    The publishing thing… hmm… I’ve got to learn how to make my own chap books!! Maybe this will be ‘that’ year!

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      • It’s been written before
        Yet you’re asking for more
        Won’t that be a bore
        But hey, if you want it, fa’sure

        Sit down and write
        Think with all my might
        Let my words fight
        Until they make it right

        The words spill
        With a will
        What a swill
        Reached your fill?

        This makes no sense
        Not worth a tupence
        Can’t think of another ence
        Except for fence

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        • I don’t have the energy to post
          For when I begin writing the most
          So much to say
          That’s just not okay
          Rather pretend all is good
          And is like it should
          Then write at all
          And watch it fall

          It’s funny to write to you
          And also fun to do
          Nonsensical is definitely the best
          Way better than the rest
          Unless stick to a format
          Like syllables and all that

          I don’t know enough about poetry
          To know all the kinds you see
          The beats in my head I hear
          And like them to align and steer
          My friends are awesome at rhyming
          As are you at keeping timing

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  2. Great reminders Kate, especially in these times when there is so much that is negative. I’m going to bake something tomorrow and toast you with a cuppa! (Did I use that Australian-ism correctly?)

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