equality will remain evasive

while ever there is leniency for the favoured

with rigidly enforced rules for everyone else

… sadly we are all guilty of this!

d’Verse, OLN, Sanaa

Sadly yesterday clearly demonstrated the fragility of ‘democracy’ when a dictator takes control inciting violence at every possible level .. the orange monster has done more to harm his own country than 9/11 or any invading army!


  1. Some folks do not realize the challenges that they put on others. And I’m not talking politics. Our elder neighbor finally agreed to get some much needed daily care. Though many of us still think he should get care 24/7.

    I was able to get another service to come to his home. But he called yesterday asking where they were – He had days mixed up again. He has made the choice to not be hospitalized anymore. He does not want to be removed from his home again. Which just makes things more difficult for those of us who are close at hand. There are so many agencies and friends helping in different ways, but the communication isn’t always the best. We can only do our part. We might think that he would have a better quality of life if he moved into a retirement community, but he’s not budging. So he is going to have to make some adjustments because some of his friends can’t take the risk of taking him out of his home anymore. At least one of the agencies working for him (which he is paying for) will now take him to all his medical appointments.

    As for politics… I think those who break the rules should be held accountable for their actions and the damages they have caused. And that goes for all countries.

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  2. Here here Kate, bravo! The problem is so much deeper than I fear we will ever be able to plumb. Over the millenniums the majority of the human race has fallen completely out of balance with the world in which we live. We are far more interested in what we can own, control, exert dominion over — not how to live in peaceful balance with the environment, or with our fellow passengers here on spaceship earth. Our peculiar ability to think has betrayed us, because we have never developed fully our maturity to reason. We think, therefore we act, mostly in support of self interest — more interested in can we as opposed to should we — and I DO NOT mean from some theistic perspective. I am referring to a perspective from a wholistic planetary perspective — that planet being earth, and “”ALL” its inhabitants. Most have not developed the strength of logic to see the “big picture” of living in balance. We have technologies that we are far from being able to steward responsibly. We keep running faster and faster, leaving a wake of clutter and destruction that we have yet to manage effectively. The human species is far more focused on a life of personal comfort, and not a life of quality for the whole. So why do I think we have problems here on earth, because we are essentially under developed children playing way over our heads. Education is the place to start, but overall, education is a second, perhaps third tier priority in most of the world. We do not see the forest for the trees — and we are killing them. Of course, that’s just my opinion — and who am I?

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    • Yes it is true, we are not living in the balance of the planet and all its inhabitants. Our selfishness is not just between human beings but with the planet to and nature other species. And we have fallen out of balance of humanity, care, compassion , love for all mankind and animal kind. Our intellects so twisted we can’t see clearly. No internal law , no internal governance, no understanding the impact of our action for the greater good of the entire planet and all species including us.


  3. Amen. The threat was always greatest from within. Now that we have seen the true colors of the orange one (and they are not red, white, and blue), we know without a doubt what we are dealing with. At least some of his sycophants had a change of heart and realized that his actions were wrong. Though I have no great admiration for many in the GOP, I do respect those who resigned their posts in the administration or senators who voted to approve the electoral college votes.

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  4. This is so potent! It breaks my heart to know that such people exists .. who deem themselves entitled so as to flaunt their so-called privileges. I say.. out with them. We demand a makeover of the world! 💝💝

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  5. Sadly, yes: one set of rules for the powerful, another for everyone else. British politicians were blithely flaunting the lockdown rules which lead everyone else to follow suit and now look at the mess we’re in!

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  6. I can only hope he brings us all to a greater awareness of the “fragility of democracy” now that we have seen the Capitol ransacked by hatred and ignorance. And the sad thing is I’m sure many of those protestors/rioters thought they were doing something good. It is hard to convince some, when they have their mind made up, that Trump is not for the people and Biden did win the election. More than one virus has been spreading through the US and it is so hard to watch it.

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    • yes, it’s greatly disturbing even for us watching from a distance, quite distressing … take care and I pray that Biden gets the support to repair the damage done over the past four years!

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