Don’t try to box me in or convert me
coz surprisingly I have my own beliefs

Don’t try to convert me to your beliefs
religion, ism’s, ideals or anything else

healthier to ask about mine
engages me, enhancing our connection

don’t try to put me in a box or label me
neat and tidy with your assumptions

ask me why, engage with curiosity
this will open our minds and hearts

embracing differences enables growth
defining confines making us choke!


  1. Kate my dear, such wise words from your beautiful heart. I say we are both squiggles and refuse to be a straight line…you can make so much more beauty by willing see all the different perspectives that come from being a squiggle. 🥰🤗

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  2. If you are a painter, you know that it takes many brush strokes before your painting is complete. And so, it is the same with people…there are many layers, so much that makes each person unique. When we honor the masterpiece that is that person in his or her own right, we honor the individual. In this beautiful composite, the colors blur in places…It takes a long time to really know and understand who someone is; when you quickly give them a label, you might miss the most wonderful things.You assume you already know everything about them, and that is both misleading and sad. Great poem!!!

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  3. Lorsque le pélican lassé d’un long voyage dans les brouillards du soir retourne à ses roseaux….. ( Alfred de Musset )

    When the pelican, tired of a long journey in the evening mists, returns to its reeds…. (Alfred de Musset)
    With this extract of Musset’s poem, I wish you, Kate, a happy yeaar 2021
    Love ❤

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  4. I’m smiling because I’ve been “boxed” by others. The end result is that they find themselves in a box of their own making while I’m free to do my thing… I love this poem on acceptance and expanding horizons!

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