I watch the parade up and down …

the fresh youthful daters
in their best casual gear
his arm swinging waiting
to grab her hand

then the aged couple
pass in the other direction
he on the wheelie walker
she bent with age

the fresh young couple
oblivious that I caught
a glimpse of their future
if they should live so long

the elderly couple’s
relationship has withstood
the test of time, littered with
compromise and memories

the courting couple
unlikely to give the aged pair
a glance no idea of their
lasting romance

the elderly couple give a nod
recognising themselves in the
fresh faced courting couple
hoping they will last as long

© 2020 poem Copyrighted
photo is from the internet, author unknown


  1. I love to see young couple lovingly parading their love and admiration for each other; but i adore and admire elderly couples going out still to have quality time together. It makes me smile. It makes me believe that true love indeed can withstand the test of time.

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  2. This poem is magnificent and got me all teary-eyed. 🙂
    A well-seasoned couple can share a lot in actions and words with young couples. 🙂 I always hope the young couples are listening. 😉
    A long lasting relationship comes with a lot of respect, unselfishness, forgiveness, and understanding. ❤
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much!!! I so appreciate you, too!!! 🙂
      I think I answered your question in a recent e-mail to you…I should go check. 🙂
      All our family time will be via tech devices. Will be the first time ever we didn’t have a HUGE family gathering…that we usually hosted at our home…but we will find the many joys AND look forward to next year. 🙂 We have SO much to be grateful for!!! 🙂
      (((HUGS))) ❤

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  3. So beautiful – I love how you brought out the stories and realities of life with these simple observations 🙂 There is so much to learn and receive from being aware, curious and acknowledging of those around us.

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  4. I am always happy to see older people holding hands. A young couple was passing by, the girl asked: Will you love me at this age too? The boy replied: Yes. But whether it will be so, it is not known.


  5. Lovely poem. I am reminded of walking with my cousin and her husband, in their 50s or so, and seeing an older couple going by holding hands. My cousin smiled and said “Bruce and me in a few years.” She didn’t see my eyes tearing up – I had just lost my husband to cancer. We thought we could be that elderly couple at one time.

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  6. Kate, you have outdone yourself with this poem. I can say that not only from the perspective of an oft-published poet, but as the lesser half of a 50-plus year marriage partnership.

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  7. “the elderly couple give a nod
    recognising themselves in the
    fresh faced courting couple
    hoping they will last as long”
    This part of your poem goes along the picture . The old lady sees hersel like the shadow in the fence: a young woman dancing with grace .
    Love ❤

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