Friday Fun – yard art

with more time at home how have you changed your yard?
creative art, new plantings, features …
over this past year with more time to garden

photography, creative writing, poetry … please share

then link back here and check out others posts

my photo of a garden full of wonder
someone had recycled creatively in Jervis Bay


  1. What a lovely sculpture 😊 I don’t have a garden here, I live in an apartment, had so many potted plants before my son was born. Back home, there is a garden, my mother takes care of it. 😊

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  2. Not much to transform in winter. We had about 8-10 inches of snow yesterday. Makes up for all the good days we had in December and my forsythia that seems to bloom in ever season. Up until the yesterday’s snow I had yellow blooms on them. 😀 I did add some new alyssum to my front garden and it did rather well. I had to start it in a pot, as the little animals kept eating the seeds and young plants. I hope it reseeded itself. If not I’ll just have to plant more next year. 😀

    “Easy to grow from plant or seed, sweet alyssum is a cool-season flower that can be set out in early spring once all danger of frost has passed. … Most varieties will fade in the heat but bloom again in the fall. Sweet Alyssum will reach mature size within two months of being planted.” Mine were small white blooms.

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  3. Gorgeous garden and wonderful yard-art! 🙂
    We have plants that grow year ’round no matter what the temps…other plants go dormant until spring. Too cold now to plant anything new. Brr… 🙂

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  4. We added some additional hostas and day lilies. Sparky moved the border of the garden to try to contain the Lily of the Valley (a lost cause), and we planted 3 vegetable gardens. He just this week took out the kale! We are now officially done with the gardens until next year!

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  5. Hey Kate, I love the little guy in the pic you shared! So cool! We added a small cedar tree (which is currently decorated for the holidays) and 2 bird feeders in the front yard. And we are getting an estimate to have the backyard landscaped. So excited about that! Right now our backyard is boring! 🌞

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  6. I loved your yard sculpture! I tempted to share my little courtyard corner that I have filled with some of my favorite things. I am hoping I am able to tie in a picture of it with my weekly post on Monday 🙂

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  7. I’m just setting up a garden. I planted fruit trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, winter stopped work, but in April I will plant ornamental plants and flowers. I’ll show it on my blog.
    Cordials I send you

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