driven #gothic #d’Verse

the monastery loomed dark and deserted
watching o’er the fertile fields
haunted by darting shadows

watched from afar orbs
of light were spotted
as I inhabited this vast

forsaken monstrosity
those who passed felt
my sharp gaze

as I plotted and planned
jealousy churning deep
within my desperate breast

ready to erupt like
a thousand slimy fetid fish
and spill over those more

fortunate, those with more
those with better and those
who seriously seemed content

their smiles and laughter shafted
my insecure loins, digging into
dank dark recesses where envy bred

feeling my poisonous darts
no defence prepared
they’d give me benefit of the doubt

but my needs never slacked
incited by fury and greed
although I was rank

their happiness stank
and I’d stay imprisoned
within this murky monstrosity

d’Verse, concealed emotion Gothic style, Sanaa – my photo of a moonlit empty monastery 

a sad tale of a relative whose bitter jealousy has left her isolated, some wade through it but those who lack insight are totally consumed and burn all their bridges … not my usual style so decided to stretch myself!


  1. This is so poignant! Jealousy is without a doubt all consuming.. it’s a green eyed monster that lurks in corners waiting.. just waiting to take hold of one’s senses. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💝💝

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  2. Oh, gosh! 😦
    But well-written, well-emoted, very sensory…AND it conjured up vivid word-pics!!! 🙂
    I know someone like the one in your poem. 😦 I had to set boundaries and protect my heart…but when we have to be in the same room I am cordial to her. I try to be her friend.

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  3. ready to erupt like
    a thousand slimy fetid fish
    and spill…

    their happiness stank…

    These words are so sensory! Now I’ll be thinking about rotting fish all day long!

    Well done, Kate!


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  4. Not your usual style – is what I thought, I felt sure you did a brilliant job of diving into some other’s inner journey, a heavy one of turmoil and jealousy, self inflicted prison of suffering indeed – and then I read your note 🙂

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