books #couplet quadrille #d’Verse

some want lovers and wine
but for me a book is divine

curled up in my inglenook
lost in the magic of a book

so engrossed the hours fly
until I hear a hiss and sigh

oh my fire is about to die …

d’Verse, inglenook in 44 words, Linda – internet photo
prompt took me straight to books
as that’s the only way I know of inglenooks!

© 2020 poem Copyrighted
photo is from the internet, author unknown


  1. Here I sit before the fire
    Weary eyes begin to tire
    Books before me lay unread
    Fading thoughts. Dreams of bed
    Memories of way back when
    Things seemed so much better then
    Wine and lovers, endless song
    But now it’s time I shuffled on

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  2. I too enjoy books. Real books… I suppose though that electronic books have their place.
    One thing I have learned though is that if I don’t like where a book is going I don’t have to finish it!

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  3. Cozy with a warm fire and a wonderful book…that is my idea of a great time on cold nights!
    You and your words and your writings make me feel warm and wonderful, too, SweetKate! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    PS…glad you are safe!

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