Australia’s leading genuine fake Russian choir
… want a bit of good cheer, this will make you smile!

one song only

these chaps live about forty minutes away from me, so they are neighbours

ABC show about how the choir formed and where it’s taken them


  1. They sound like Sergei and Aleksandr come to life! — Thanks for that, Kate. I really enjoyed it. — Around here (5 minutes) we have a similar phenomenon: a shanty choir which prides itself at being from the point which is geographically the most distance away from any body of salty water in Europe and yet, they sing shanties. They’ve been going for over 25 years, have made a few CDs and won national prizes for them but they remain a bunch of keen amateurs who enjoy this kind of music. Their live shows (not in English, except for the songs, but in the local dialect) celebrate shanties, humour and a brand of historical research they invented and named: “speculative native history” inventing stories which create connections between our area and the seven seas. Great fun! They are called the Odenwälder Shanty Chor – here is a clip from them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l01hqsfIdGg

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    • yes, they are native here and I understand that we are the biggest growers in the world, and ours is the main region! Other countries grow them from our seeds 🙂

      But Mullumbimby/Mullumgrad where this group hail from are currently under flood 😦

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  2. The first song should not be confused with a more serious piece called THE SONG OF THE VULGAR BOATMEN, which is sung only in the finest Russian flop houses.. They tried to sing it at the Moscow Opera house, but it was a big flop.

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  3. Thank you dear Kate… I’m watching the show now, and this is gorgeously heart warming, and so very Australian, of how immigrant groups join and enlighten our communities within our shores…Thoroughly enjoyable and you’ve started my quite Sunday buzzing with joyful music….

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