Friday Fun – camping

restrictions are easing in Australia and camping trips are booming!
people who preferred to travel overseas are now limited to camping
and exploring their own backyard …

I grew up camping, it’s second nature so living off grid was easy

please share your experience of camping in a creative manner
and link it back here then explore other posts


    • exactly, for some it’s overwhelming but for just as many it’s a golden opportunity to unleash their creativity, explore adventures they’ve always wanted to 🙂


      • For those of us who have hopefully survived the pandemic (knock on wood), we will look back and appreciate this moments of creativity, solitude, re-connections.

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  1. Indeed, we were trying to go camping to our near Brisbane favorite Sandy Creek and all the campground was fully booked. Normally, we waited to the last moment but this time we had to stay home.

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      • wow, impressive … places I’ve been to and love! How have you managed to travel during lockdown? that’s impressive, good luck with it all 🙂

        Good idea to link your blog to your profile and gravatar … sorry I deleted your follow coz it didn’t link anywhere 😦

        PS have you read Miriam’s blog “out and about” … she publishes extensively about camping and 4 wheel driving, from Victoria 🙂

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        • We did travel during the lock-down. We went 4WD to Port Douglas via Saphire and Cobbolt Gorge and back down the coast. Here, in Queensland we were lucky as we did not have any cases for long time.
          I will definitely have a look at “out and about”
          Cheers, and stay safe.

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  2. You know how much I love camping Kate! One of my fondest memories was returning from the east coast, where we camped, right up near Fraser Island etc and on the way back dropping in and meeting YOU! 😊

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  3. Camping is not my thing – did my share as a Girl Scout and when I dated an Eagle Scout who was also a spelunker. Cave camping is awful! The housing market here is crazy. My sons bought their house for $48,000 and now the houses around them are selling for $135,000. They’d sell but then wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a new one. And we would discourage them from moving back home!

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  4. I didn’t grow up camping, but I did camp… occasionally, when I was younger. I might Glamp if I had the choice…
    Glamping is having that camper similar to the tiny home you once had! 😀

    Some folks are more inclined to agree with my MIL’s views: to her ‘camping was staying at a hotel with a black and white TV.’

    Glad things are easing where you are. They are getting ‘hotter’ here. Our state just closed all dine in restaurants until Jan 4. Stay alert and vigilant.

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  5. Hi, Kate, I have very fond memories of camping solo as a woman in my 40’s! Never went as a kid. When I up and decided I could no longer tolerate the life I was living years ago, (see my post “Escaping Normal” for a bit more on the story) I shed most of my belongings and took off in my car, camping all over the US, primarily in state and national parks for safety. Thank you for sharing your lovely reminder. And that’s quite a tent you have set up in the photo! 🌞

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  6. I did a lot of camping in the 70s and 80s. Most notable was a backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park, California where we left out packs outside the tent. During the night we heard sounds and looked out a flap – was that big rock there before? Then the rock moved. A big bear devoured all the food we had brought. Packed back out the next morning.

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    • lol I have had stores plundered by crows in Kakadu NP, they were tied to a high branch to ensure crocodiles didn’t feast … also monkeys in India are thieves too 🙂
      Hey small price to pay for encroaching on their land 🙂

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  7. Lovely photo!
    We camped as kids…in our huge backyard and on mountain trips.
    And then we took our kids camping as they were growing up. Fun! 🙂 One time we stayed in a VERY rustic one room cabin for a week…the bathroom and showers (a good walk down a hill) to share with other campers was interesting. There were often creatures of all kinds sharing that building. HA! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    I heard a quote…don’t know who originated it…but… “There is usually no wi-fi whilst camping in the mountains…but you’ll find no better connections.” 🙂

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  8. I have never camped in my entire life thus far. Urbanit or city gal LOL! Admittedly a creature of comfort and hating bugs and mozzie LOL. You are right in that with border restrictions, people are now forced to explore their own backyards. I am one such person. I travel the world to see the sights and am not bothered to see what’s in little red dot as I always think that, nahh..I got time to do that later. You are lucky in that Australia is a vast continent and that there are so many sights to catch. Enjoy seeing Australia and have a terrific and safe weekend.

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  9. I’ve fond memories of our camping days down at Port Fairy, where me, Carole and little Greg would spend our annual holidays, for the first 7 years of our marriage…. after that, Carole’s MS had set in and our camping holidays then finished…

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