Christmas party

Christmas Eve Parties were the highlight of our year! Year round we would all, but mostly Dad, collect any scrape metal which Dad would cash in [yes, also began recycling at a very young age]. This money accumulated to pay for a huge kids party with all the goodies we couldn’t afford during the year.

We’d invite all the neighbourhood kids, cousins, friends and enemies. Yes enemies, we had so much to share it was time to make amends, forgive and get on with life!

We feasted on ice cream, soft drinks, sweet/lollies and watermelon. We ran around chasing each other, rode our bikes at great speed down the steep driveway and rolled down the front lawn. All hyper on the sugar intake we had not developed any resistance to.

It became known as the watermelon party as we’d stockpile and slice them up and dribble as we slurped. The noisy good clean fun held us in good stead … we played many a harmless joke on friends ever after.

The main one was taking them the long way around to the lighthouse … a few kilometres down the beach, around a rocky headland and then climbed a vertical slope. They’d arrive breathless but agreed that it was worth it for the amazing coastal views. Then we’d take them directly home on the well-worn path. To say they were unimpressed would be putting it mildly. Although tired they were healthier for the fresh air and exercise … so walk with me at your own peril!


  1. Memories such as these never leave us. They are carried in our hearts like a cherished photo or inscription in a locket. I enjoyed how the festivities invited family and friends as well as enemies. Classy gesture!

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  2. Enjoyed these childhood memories and remembered my days with my cousins on a farm and we all sitting in bullock carts and walking for miles at times, playing for hours together. Such great and wonderful times those were. Lovely and beautiful post, Kate. Thanks.

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  3. I love this glimpse of your childhood! So much fun! I spent the majority of my childhood roaming the fields and meadows around my house. We had so much fun (and much more freedom). I learned early how to climb over barbed wire atop a fence, where the best wild blackberries and raspberries were found, and how to catch crawdads… We all (the kids in the neighborhood) spent most of summer outdoors – usually only coming reluctantly in for lunch. Those were the days! Thanks for nudging me down that memory lane!

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  4. One of these days (next year) we might make it to the top of the mountain – that we only made it halfway to this year. But during our spring or autumn – not too hot and not to cold 😀

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  5. What wonderful times, memories! 😀 I’d go on any walk with you!
    HA! I’ve been on some of those “walks” that my older brothers sent us on! “Snipe hunts”…Ha! 😀
    Your story brings up positive childhood Christmas memories for me!!! My parents couldn’t afford much, so we were lucky to get one present/toy…BUT all of the traditions we had that didn’t cost much/ or any money are my bestest memories of the holidays!!! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  6. What beautiful imagery you’ve conjured up with your words Kate. Reminds me a lot of my childhood, minus the lighthouse. But if we’d had one we probably would have pulled the same prank! Have a great day. 😊

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