heart flower #octave #d’Verse

My heart was split, and a flower appeared (Solomon)

quietly in repose my heart split open

spilling out a limitless well of love

unconditional kind care for others

where each one comes first

myself an insignificant burst

this love overflowed from top

to toe, like a flower in full bloom

anger and fear not allowed any room


d’Verse, octaves, Laura

© 2020 poem and photo Copyrighted https://wordpress.com/aroused.blog


  1. I love this poem and it’s important lesson/message and analogy!
    When love fills a space there is no room for anything negative. ‘Tis often a heart that’s been broken that understands love best…and gives love most freely. 🙂
    Your heart-flower is beautiful, SweetKate!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. The heart splitting open with love and then blooming is a beautiful thing, I think it can only happen when we do learn to be selfless, as your verses describe unconditional love for others. This world definitely needs more of that right now. ❤ 🌹

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  3. The spilling of such love, that overflows from top to toe, is bittersweet, which comes across in the lines:
    ‘where each one comes first
    myself an insignificant burst’ –
    and flowers do fade and die not long after full bloom.

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