musical #synesthete

my feet are tapping to the thrumming

beat of Louis singing to a glorious beat

yellow bursts then rainbow colours

puff like energy through my body


the joyful colour of greens and blues

he brings bursts of joy in multiple hues

music transcends all race and religions

it captures vitality and communicates


without need of words as it paints

our lives with tangerine and green

splintered with yellow and sparkles

let’s sing and dance with diversity


d’Verse, synesthete music as colour, Grace


© 2020 poem and photo Copyrighted


  1. Good morning Kate, good morning sunshine, good morning world, good morning music… you’ve me my good start vibes, music while water the garden, music while having brekkie, and music here at my writing desk…. and I’m listening to “Lisa” at the moment…

    where would we be without to soothe our souls..

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  2. “without need of words as it paints our lives with tangerine and green,”… this really does it for me! Gorgeously rendered 💝

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  3. ‘music transcends all race and religions’ – you’ve made this point so well here. I love Louis Armstrongs music, when I read this I can see all those ‘colours of the rainbow/so pretty in the sky.’

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  4. Oh, SweetKate! What a fabulous trio…your photo, your poem, and Mr. Armstrong’s song! 🙂
    Love your poem’s vibrant word-pics and all the colours and joy that burst forth from it!!! 🙂
    YAY for music, dancing, nature, and your poems!!! 🙂
    PS…I’ve always love Mr. Armstrong’s songs!!! 🙂

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