most of us seldom realise
that we traverse our lives
too busy in the wilderness

measuring myself
by the societal standards
of consumerism and success

rarely stopping to assess
what my real priorities are

disconnected from my values
suffering from this discord
blinded by distractions

moods and emotions
in turmoil like the tangle
of a wilderness jungle

yet if I pause to connect
with what feeds my soul
nurtures my spirit

lessens my distress
I feel calmer
more at ease

with my life
and others
kindness unfolds

and that wild tangled mess
opens into light and laughter
playfulness erupts

as in myself I gain trust
content with my life
no need to engage with strife

things settle into comfort
as priorities I pursue
ethical values save me

knowingly secure and safe
in this sacred harmonious haven
inner pollution extinguished!

d’Verse, travelling in the wilderness, Sarah


  1. In a way we are always traveling in the wilderness…but we can choose where inside of it to be. I like how the agitation of the beginning of the poems slowly calms down. (K)

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  2. Too often we are concerned with the chaos that surrounds us and forget to tend to our inner gardens. Cultivating a serene and contemplative nature within will almost always give us the serenity to weather the storms that swirl… I never doubted that your garden was in order and that the calm you possess was the result of that interior haven!!

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  3. First of all, love the image. Yes, the sun setting (I think), the colors, and the beach – but the two chairs carry your wonderful message while the tree provides a great accent.

    Your message is powerful. Life as the wilderness is perfect, and most of us need to be scolded for not keeping our eye on the big picture. Yes – we need a haven – and yes – you described why. Brilliantly done, Kate.

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  4. Nature..
    “If you look back, there goes the sunset
    If you look forward, here comes sunrise
    If you look sideways, there shines the fullness of day” — Ivor Steven

    “Trees and leaves
    Their life, we breathe” — Ivor Steven

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  5. I like the way you incorporated ‘travelling in the wilderness’ into your poem, Kate, to remind us that we are too busy to enjoy our surroundings. It’s so important to take a break, to pause and to connect with Nature and what nurtures the spirit, to enjoy playfulness and laughter.

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  6. Your poem…so wonderful, so wise, so needed in these times. Thank you, SweetKate!
    We all need havens…one of mine is in nature. 🙂
    Know what?!?! You and your poems are a haven to me…just to be able to come here and sit here and read, feel, breathe, learn, smile, feel cared about…one of my havens. And when I leave I always feel happy AND I think of so many of your words the rest of the day. 🙂

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    • The semester exams are over but I’m preparing (or at least trying to perpare, haha) for the competitive exam GATE (General Aptitude Test of Engineering) in feb 2021 and that’s a big one!

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  7. I see how we arrived at the same place via a different route! ‘Inner pollution extinguished’ – that’s a great way to put it. I love your journey from striving for material things to realising the value of inner peace. I think a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the world comes from failing to make this journey.

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  8. Beautiful description of how the journey goes, and I love how powerfully you conclude – inner pollution extinguished!

    It is so exhausting to live by social standards. To claim our own path, guided by spirit truly brings the richness of life alive.

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  9. If only we all took the time to pause and connect with what feeds our spirit and nurtures our soul! I loved the wisdom of your poem.

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    • Yes, we all certainly do. I have had some stressful times not related to Covid-19 and so had to reset my button sometimes, just by stopping and doing nothing.

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