abide #quadrille

it’s easier to abide
by rules that seem fair
somehow justified

but when set by lawmakers
who never abide
bile arises inside

anger and doubts arise
as we try to sterilise
what’s right or just control

yet keeping each other
safe extolls
follow common-sense!

d’Verse, abide in 44 words, Lisa – our lawmakers have blatantly broken most of the rules by travelling for holidays; not isolating after tests; not maintaining physical distancing, etc


  1. ahhh this is so true Kate and happens a lot. with the current pandemic, our lawmakers who made and signed those laws are the ones breaking it as well and when caught, they can just easily say sorry and beg for the public to understand for humanitarian reasons.

    we’ve had a very famous government official whose wife gave birth on the onset of covid 19. She was brought to the hospital, and the husband being a government official used his power to be in the hospital even though at that time, it was supposed to be prohibited. he even loitered in the lobby of the hospital. Few days after that same government official was tested positive, and when contract tracing was made, a huge part of the hospital was closed and a huge number of the hospital staff was also placed on quarantine – courtesy of that privileged. government official

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  2. Yep! I abide by the rules, not because I was told to by an elected official who is completely above them, but because they make common sense for living through a pandemic. As for the officials, I think every they impose more restrictions, they should have to move into a cheap hotel room, by themselves, and live on only $100 a week for all their expenses, including meals. That way, they would at least understand the hardships they are imposing on old people who live alone. If only…. Meanwhile I wear my mask and social distance only because it is the right thing to do!

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  3. Right on, SweetKate! So true and so sad that’s it’s true. “Do as I say not as I do.” Never liked that “rule”. 😦
    And YES you are so right…we must care about each other…common sense with a mixture of love and concern can be life changing.
    I love that photo! 🙂
    And the word abide always makes me feel good…it has a peace to it…I always think of stars….as the earth endures, the stars abide. 🙂

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  4. This is so very true. There were calls for the president of the university to step down when he broke the rules for mask wearing and social distancing but most of all his traveling and subsequent exposure to the virus – testing positive! The students who broke the rules were being threatened with expulsion yet he was defying the rules completely!

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  5. Oh – Your lawmakers are like many of ours. Must be something in their secret code. They are quite the pathetic lot. Yesterday I say of report of a city mayor telling everyone to stay home for the holiday, then he goes cross country to visit family. Hello …. anybody home up there in the skull?

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  6. This is so potent. People nowadays (most of them) follow and break the law according to their own convenience. They have no morals left.

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