Friday Fun – downpour

a downpour can be refreshing, cleansing the air, giving life to plants and livestock

or it can be a devastating avalanche of emotional mess …

as this unusual year comes to a close please get creative
about what
‘downpour’ means to you?

post it on your blog then link it back here and check out others creations!

my photo of hailstones pounding into the river …


  1. 😀 Never mind downpour… this time of year we get an avalanche…. of ads.
    I understand it’s been a hard year for all business. But now especially they are trying to make up for lost sales.

    Our paper tried to attempt to get its’ subscribers to pay for some of that advertising, the deluge of ads that comes with our Thanksgivings Day paper. But collectively we fought back and sad that paying extra for the ads that advertisers should be paying for wasn’t our responsibility. Never mind one day of deals, It’s come down to who can have the most sales. And everyday not only are there electronic ads in what ever form you chose… there’s more paper wasted on all the paper ads!!

    The only consolation I can think of in our area is that most of our trash is burned to create energy…

    Hoping for more peace and good will and less ads and trash…

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  2. Your photo is so beautiful! Watching such weather is mesmerizing!
    This year has been filled with downpours weather-wise and downpour emotions-wise.
    The word reminds me of a fav quote:
    “You don’t look at the problem all at once, or it’s like being caught in a downpour. You tackle the problem in pieces…” – Sherwood Smith
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. When I lived on the east coast (U.S.) it rained often and gray skies would last for days. I always found it depressing. Now I’m in a high altitude mostly dry climate, except we do get snow, and rain is a treat! I love to hear it pattering on my metal roof.

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  4. Awesome picture of downpour of rain and rain, Kate. This year we have had plenty of downpours and in the beginning feels nice to be having rain and our earth being soaked but after four months we would feel no more downpours but rain coming in all its splendor.

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  5. First of all, I like your words to ponder. To me, downpour is more related to rain instead of personal events … and in terms of rain, a very hard rain – but not one leading to devastation … and yes, 2020 has been an unusual year. I’m sure the beginning of 2021 will be more like 2020, but I sure hope a year from now is much different than today. Would you be surprised to know that rain is a topic for a future beach walk?

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