human #haibun

The sky for me has always been an escape. For nature’s wonder is a real mood lifter, easily accessible day or night, town or country, sickness or health.

Her changing moods, clouds, birds, wind and colour; sunshine or moonbeams, stars or galaxies she is a restful respite. For like me we have seasons thrust upon us, the cycle of life wears us thin but still there is nothing as awesomely wondrous as worshipping the cosmos above.

It puts my life in perspective, my demands waiver, my pleasure arises and life moves on.

awesome is nature
gifts perspective and reason
as summer heats up

d’Verse, being human, Kim – “amazing” is my real tribute to this one!

© 2020 poem and photo Copyrighted


  1. I am the Queen of Antarctica though. It doesn’t matter how strong people are. They have to wear very good suites. I am the master of time. I’m joking.

    Is it super hot in Australia? Which is your favorite season?

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  2. What deep and blissful thoughts. I like the stars in the wintertime, fall brings a faint wind, spring gives me hope, and I enjoy the hot summer the most, where I feel strong and free. I don’t have to guard myself against nature.

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  3. Summer heating up on your side while it’s getting chillier here. But it ain’t so bad here as we are enjoying it with hot cuppas and roasted nuts.
    Lovely capture and beautiful thoughts about the wondrous wonders of nature 🙂

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  4. There is something distinctly soothing about the autumn sky here in my part of the world. Love this haibun 🙂 with its wondrous depth and bouts of wisdom.

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  5. I agree that “there is nothing as awesomely wondrous as worshipping the cosmos above.” I am always happy during the summer to get away from the city and experience a much much much starrier sky/cosmos…

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  6. You are so right. Nature is awesome and such a healer. Our relation with nature teaches us to cope with whatever situation we have in our daily lives. Life moves on.

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  7. That is so true! I can be feeling down, and then will look up at a beautiful sky and my spirits are always lifted, even if just a little bit. I used to live in Kansas and what I liked best about that state was the flat land that showed so much of the sky!

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  8. East Anglia, where I live, is known for its big expressive skies, and your haibun really spoke to me, Kate, especially the thought of the sky as an escape. I love the list of everything the sky has to offer in the middle paragraph – who could argue with that?

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  9. Oh, this is so beautiful and so very true, SweetKate! 🙂
    This be a haibun, right?! (I am learning 😉 ).
    I have always felt like the sky (day sky or night sky) puts life and problems into perspective. So in awe, so grateful and honored to be a small part of this beautiful vastness!
    And it doesn’t cost any $$$ to pop outside, look up, feel comforted, find healing, find encouragement, joy, and so much more! 🙂
    HUGS!!! ❤ 🙂

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  10. Nature is indeed awesome and so is your haibun – I love the haiku at the end: the gift of perspective and reason. Also nice to imagine somewhere in the world summer is beginning!

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