jisei #d’Verse

bereft of regret

senses fade as light beckons

embrace the unknown


the wind howls
as reaper prowls
did I do enough
let go of that stuff
time to trust
mere cosmic dust

d’Verse, jisei, Frank T – two death poems


  1. Fascinating term, “Jisei.” I looked up on Wiki since this is the first time I have heard of it. The concept of senses fading was brought to my attention many years ago. We will likely not take our senses ‘with us.’ I also love your word “trust.” A powerful and moving poem, Kate.

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  2. So like the sense of rush in the second stanza – as if consciousness and worry falling away – ‘did I do enough…’ un-answered by the last line – all foreshadowed in the first stanza/haiku. Marvellous stuff.

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  3. I had to look up the term as well. What a fantastic take, Kate! So much said in so few words. It inspired me to try my hand as well 🙂
    Do not catch my fall
    As I will become the leaves
    In which your kin play

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  4. I love your two different takes on the prompt, Kate – they contrast well. No point in having regrets when all earthly things will become dust. There is a joy in embracing the unknown!

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  5. These are deeply moving poems for me Kate….. rather than try to feel for some appropriate words, I thought I’d do a YouTube search for a song that suited your words …… ….. ….. well I’m back, and wow, here’s a relatively new artist that I’ve just found, and the attached music/video is superb…
    Lyves, is the alias of Francesca Bergami. Her emotive lyrical themes and alternative route into performing have set her apart from most other artists and earned critical acclaim for her early releases.

    Born in Aylesbury to an Australian mother and an Italian father, before spending most of her younger years on the move, Francesca is fluent in Portuguese and Italian. Her interest in music can be credited to her parent’s vast record collection that she started sifting through from the age of four. “I was more attentive to them than anything else in the house,” says Francesca. “My first musical memory was Dire Straits, then I remember a lot of Michael Jackson and singers like Sade and Sinead O’Connor. I exhausted every single thing my parents had. I didn’t really realise how much I loved music back then.”

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  6. I like the rhythmic sound of ‘bereft of regret’ and ‘embrace the unknown’, a new mantra for the winter, Kate! I also enjoyed the rhyming of ‘howls’ and ‘prowls’, which makes the wind sound like a wolf.

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