his eyes were constantly filled with pain
as bone pressed into his spinal cord
no idea how he stayed sane

eyes haunted by his service
no time for religions
for God would prevent war

training had taught him to rise early
marched us many a mile
enforced with military style

then they would implore
for patient understanding
when he knew he was out of line

they did twinkle with mischief
as sea water splashed over those
who dared to sleep in

his eyes filled with love
whenever his grandson visited
war damage kept his own at arms length

but they clouded as he faced death
no beliefs made him bereft
war taunts and haunts those left

d’Verse, eyes, Mish – my father, dedicated to all those damaged in the aftermath!
No good photos of him, this is a random stranger …

here is a good news story well worth reading: