WARNING:  Reading this could cause nightmares for the squeamish as I awaken to five distinct puncture marks on my feet.

Ah but to start at the beginning I arose to another stunning sunrise and thought “Campbell sure has a direct line to our weather maker”.  Then set off cross-country, using Campbell’s local map to navigate the scenic back roads to Rocky Creek Dam.  Super enthusiastic we all arrived early for morning tea.

First we tried the Cedar walk but it was blocked for spillway cleaning …  not quite sure why a spillway needs industrial cleaning but council is onto it!  Then the Platypus walk was also blocked off for “tree operations”. A handsome witty council worker explained that a storm had weakened some branches over the path.  Chainsaws were ensuring it was safely cleared for the weekend yet the place was buzzing with visitors on a Friday.  We had crossed the dam wall admiring many water lilies, bright berries and birds when the drizzle began precipitating an early lunch in the sheltered picnic area.

Another visitor with a camera lens to be envied showed off his wompoo pigeon and other bird shots.  Twice the size of most pigeons and brightly colourful they are a sight to behold so well worth the visit for bird enthusiasts!

We then followed the leader to the start of the Big Scrub loop, wrapped ourselves in wet weather gear which we later peeled off. Waded across the waterway then entered the sacred rainforest, the one percent remaining of how this area used to be; the thick foliage, ferns, lichen, fungi, cheeky darting birds and butterflies. The fungi fotographers had a field day whilst waiting for them we fell foul to leeches.  But we finally found an effective use for rid so with feet anointed they didn’t drink too much.

You know in the end its not about the weather or the walk, its about the congenial company, the wonders we spot and the giggles we share!