Friday Fun – social distancing

sd for short, is a relatively new phenomena for most of us
and its impact has been huge

please get creative and share what Social Distancing means to you?

link it back here then check out other people’s contributions

even the birdlife have learnt to social distance here … my photo

Happy Diwali everyone, especially my dear Indian friends!


  1. Great photo…and great photo for the topic, SweetKate! It’s like the birds are launching their precision-well-planned-works-well attack on the fish! 😀
    I wish they had called it Physical Distancing and not Social Distancing, ’cause I’ve learned I can still be VERY social from 6 or more feet away!!! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • lol very good point Carolyn … yes I’ve stayed socially active throughout our lockdown!

      Physical distancing is a more apt description, hugs to you and Coop …

      those birds had a good giggle this morning when a long row boat tipped it’s contents into the river and the tide dragged them away … all are safe and they managed to get their boat back 🙂

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  2. We’ve gone and had another ‘spike’ – schools doing 100% on line. Some restaurants choosing for the safety of their workers to only do take out. I’ve, through the years become more of a hermit, so things haven’t changed all that much. But I have made some new friends from walking our neighborhood.

    From the street, while the neighborhood children play in their front yard – they wave first, because I have waved and said hello. I may not know their names, but at least I am not to be feared. One can even help others – at a distance. No distance is too great for lending a helping hand.

    I have read in the ‘Good News’ of many people going above and beyond what their governments offer to help those in need. While illness and what may follow as an end isn’t always pleasant – if we are respectful in our caution we can still help each other.

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  3. Thank you for this comment-inspiring blog post. I have realized in recent weeks how blogging + reading other people’s blog posts + reading the comments on other people’s blog posts has been a partial antidote to the social isolation that comes along with Covid-19 safety guidelines. One thing I have found myself missing is French/Egyptian style kissing when one greets a friend. We have had the pleasure of dear friends — who used to live near us and then moved to many different parts of the world as teachers — moving back to our neighborhood from their most recent (three year) period of teaching in Egypt. And they brought with them the habit of kissing friends on both cheeks. But, of course, we stopped doing that soon after Covid-19 entered our lives. And I miss those social kisses… although we HAVE continued to play frisbee and share a few picnics together before the weather got too cold.

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