often I have felt I was walking a fine line
one step wrong and I could slip into ice cold
water in this hauntingly eerie valley of life
disorientated alien what does the world want

how can I fit into others expectations
into a biased world view that is seldom
sympathetic to those who need to march
to a different drum, to those not able

to fit into that box of societal norms
the push to perform and conform
feel like they are drowning me
no acceptance of differences

feels like these foggy walls are
closing in, squeezing my need
to be free, my need to be me
will I ever emerge from this

oppressive nightmare
can I awake to enjoy
the same fresh free air
just see me for me and let me be

dedicated to all those who struggle to fit in for whatever reason …
Sadje’s “What do you see”

inclusion is kindness and essential, exclusive is abusive!