spent hours yesterday writing a vital email
more sexual abuse leaving it’s trail
of afflicted fragile affected vulnerables
usually female as men protect their ‘mates’
claiming they are much more sedate
it echoes recent headlines about our
Attorney-General where so much smoke
usually indicates a fire somewhere

as an organisation I belong to refuse to
take action, like so many religions they
prefer to fiercely protect their reputation
rather than care for their flock as those
in power take advantage of their female
assistants. While the men in charge
deny this could happen it derides the
victims right to be heard and believed

this denial or inaction allows predators
easy access to rape and subjugate
their support staff … so they become
bolder knowing there are no consequences
as people bury their heads rather than face
facts! There is NO Kindness here and we
will be confronted by karmic results for all
our actions and inactions to not protect

so many #metoo moments could be stopped
if good men stood up and said enough!
not sure if they are idiots or just in denial
but experience tells me more women keep
quiet than come forward to report their abuse
if protecting our vulnerable is an indicator
of maturity then we have massive growth to do
call it out, name and shame them … surely we have rights too?


d’Verse, witness, Peter – a Four Corners investigation has revealed concerns about Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter’s attitude towards women as two footballers face ‘rape’ charges …