I’ve met people of all kinds bright colourful characters and the rigid black or white then the multitude in between. Nobody is exactly as they seem. We are each unique but also the same.

Our life experiences and health issues shape but don’t define us. We have varying coping mechanisms, attitudes and worldviews. But if humane we care for each other to the best of our ability.

But we always seem to find those where there is nothing behind the wall except a space where the wind whistles. They have been so busy building their façade that they have ignored developing their character. So absorbed in keeping up appearances that there seems little real substance.

What priority do you give to developing your inner self?
Or do you drift along caught up in drama or painting a false cheerful exterior …

d’Verse, 144 word prosery, Merril inc. “there is nothing behind the wall except a space where the wind whistles” from “Drawings By Children” by Lisel Mueller


  1. An interesting piece Kate… I really don’t try to work on my character, nor have I had time to build a false facade… I am a, what you see, is what you get, guy… rough edges, scarred body parts, and a warm heart… maybe a heart that’s too soft and vulnerable sometimes…

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  2. Excellent truth, SweetKate! 🙂 Love this! 🙂
    Developing my inner self has always been a priority…those positive parts that have always been there I just keep using them to try to help people. The parts I need to work on, I do…by asking questions of people who are wise and wonderful, by reading, by meditating, by observing/and spending time with people who model great character traits, intentionally living out my principles and values, doing what is right over what is easy/or what the crowd is doing, hold myself accountable, etc. 🙂
    When I leave this planet…I want to leave a better person than I am today. 🙂 So, I’ll keep learning, stretching, listening. growing, helping, etc. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • wow o wow Carolyn, this is a great base for a post! You tell it straight and well, wish more would follow your example … including me! I will endeavour coz it’s our greatest hope 🙂

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  3. In a world where we’re quick to judge and pass opinions, sometimes it’s just hard to be oneself. Most often, we put on a mask and pretend like everything is great.

    But I agree with you, Kate. We have to spend time with ourselves, know who we are truly on the inside and most of all, be kind to ourselves and others✨💜

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  4. Love this! The question “What priority do you give to developing your inner self,” gripped me in more ways than one 🙂 such depth and beauty in this prose piece. 💝

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  5. The inner palette is where all the work is accomplished; when one is content with that palette, looking out, the world is much more beautiful. It is the interior, the heart and soul of a person that matters in seeing anything at all that is real. In life, all people have heartaches and troubles; no facade can change that. It is an illusion to believe that anyone has a ‘perfect’ existence, and so, a pretend facade is a waste of time and energy. It is better to embrace ourselves and others, complete with vulnerabilities and imperfections. It is better to understand that each palette is a work of art, a work that is always ongoing, a work of divine love and light. Great post Kate!!!

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  6. Great words spoken, Kate and I loved the picture so serene. Life and its drama for sure and of course we all will get sucked into the drama but as years passed for sure I would say for myself that being in touch with teachings of spiritual masters and reading books and seeing videos life itself has taken a new meaning of being love and kindness that is our true nature.

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  7. Kate, you pointed out true facts here.People are very much focus on building the outer appearance and going behind the materalistic things.They don’t realise the truth, what they gained today all will pass very soon.The real character defines the future!

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  8. I read a rather off-beat article the other day that described these people you speak of as “background characters” in a lot of ways as they just take up space and don’t seem to have much of a soul. Very sad to find someone empty behind that wall!

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  9. I’ve always worked on my inner self, because that’s the only way to be truly happy. Sure, I wish my outer self was a bit more attractive, but it’s the inner self that determines the quality of our lives.

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  10. wonderful idea! Yes we are different and the same. I have found that I can find ways to fit in a group and yet be myself because my experiences always set me apart. I have also found that life has given me many opportunities to develop my inner self than later add or modify when life has a new change or dimension.

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  11. This is such an important issue, Kate. Our school education do little to teach us about the importance of character. Blessed are the families where parents try to fill the gap.
    I remember listening to devotional songs from my childhood which were more attributed towards the character development. Thanks to those who made it possible for me to listen and discuss it with others.

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    • yes so much vital stuff is missing from our education system and not all parents are equipped to teach these skills eg basic values, dealing with our emotions, financial management, budget living, etc

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