This is what one man built during lockdown … a very large kookaburra 
then placed it on his trailer and drove around with a recording of it’s song!

What did you achieve during lockdown?

Congrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris … the world needs a change!


  1. Writing, sorting, taking day trips, some local traveling, helping neighbors.
    Not that much different than what I’d normally be doing – frankly I’ve gotten away from crowds. Almost ready for my annual stay away from the big shops until mid-January.

    I was listening to the radio… and also reading headlines… Some politicians – need to put on their big boy pants and concede the loss… One can only hope with a woman in the mix somethings (some good things!) might actually get accomplished.

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  2. That’s a masterpiece and a novel idea 😃 I’ve spent a lot of time with nature and exploring my neighbourhood more than ever before, visiting all possible places where my car can take me, keeping in mind all covid protocols and completely avoided air travel ✈️

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  3. YAY!!! What a great project! I applaud and thank The Kookaburra Man! What joy he brings us! 🙂

    Oh, my…a lot…working, gardening, extra cleaning, writing, catching up on books I wanted to read. catching up on movies I wanted to see, lots of walking and playing with you-know-who 😉 , lots of calls, texts, etc, with family and friends, lots of chef-ing new recipes, LOTS of meditating and thinking, checking in on friends and neighbors, blogging, ETC. Some of it was just life goes on…other things were actually very helpful to bring calm and joy to heart and mind. 🙂

    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤

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  4. Hi Kate… all my cousins and their families in Philadelphia have uncorked the champagne today…”Yeah” …
    And yes I spent most of lockdown time writing… sending off Anthology submissions, and preparing a manuscript for my book, and now I’m enjoying some spring gardening…

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