Friday Fun – still

if we are still for long enough

  • our crazy busy thoughts might stop
  • we might have time to think for ourselves
  • we might realise that we are responsible for everything that we think do and say

stillness allows our soul to breath, it endows ease, it settles

what does “still” mean to you? get creative!

share it in a post, link back here and then explore others responses


my shot of mother still and alert as she protects the joey in her pouch


  1. Oh so many things…time to appreciate those that I love,to be in tune with nature, finding inner peace and strength. Joy, delight, and magic of little mom. The catapult of creativity and inspiration. My list could go and on. 🙃😉❤️

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  2. Still … yet, not always all ways. The headlines of news print unmoving…
    And still the battle rages, fires blaze, rains fall.
    The neighbor is still in denial of age, or is that yet.

    One can only do so much, especially when they have no power to back up their words.
    Stillness in the night, a silver moon as salve. Still… the working ‘if’?

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  3. Wonderful truth, SweetKate!
    The stiller and quieter we become…the better we can hear and learn. I believe when Human-Beans find/create inner stillness the world will be transformed. 🙂
    Sweet photo…perfect for your theme!!! 🙂
    In my mind when I think of stillness, I think of an early morn when the sun rises and spreads it’s warm on the untouched snow and makes it sparkle like silver glitter!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS… “Choosing stillness in the midst of chaos is the path toward living in peace.” – Deepak Chopra

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  4. My desk looks out a window at an open space and wildlife sometimes move through or graze. I spend hours, if I added up all the minutes, watching. Often, that’s when words or ideas come. The rabbit that lives under a bush and the deer are still at times, but very alert, checking for danger.

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  5. Wonderful thoughts and image shared. With current scenario for me stillness means stagnation. Saturation point as neither can explore things nor able to find jobs due to corona Job centres are restricted and either able to visit home. It’s just me in house and my partner when he is back from work.


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