our world needs more colour
for some it’s a real gift
if letters and numbers are coloured
it would bless us with a rainbow hue

for those less intelligent
we haven’t a clue
twelve would be teal
a delightful colour I feel

“a” they say is red
then “b” must be blue
“c” carrot or coral
“d” a darker hue

for I can’t see their colour
but I know deep inside
that if we accepted colour
there would not be this divide

all races and religions we should abide
love would be a burst of luscious delight
bigotry and hatred are impenetrable black
love joy and care a bright glorious green

what colour would you paint your world
does colour feature in your home
for colour uplifts the darkness
as we struggle with life and strife

colour your world a delight
giving up darkness a worthy fight
tame your mind with great might
then with a joyful heart go fly a kite

Then with a joyful heart so light
Paint the canvas of life bright
[Rita’s addition!]

d’Verse, synesthesia, Grace – my photo of wall ceramics in Nimbin
got side tracked as the term ‘colour’ triggered another poem ‘Byron’ which I’ll post later