Life is all about how we see things …..



  1. Wonderful, Kate! What’s the tritest observation I can cite? How about, your attitude determines your altitude?

    Ha, even that shopworn phrase doesn’t diminish your message’s simple elegance.

    After all, were this a millennium ago, all of us would’ve been gone for years now. Instead, think of all the experience those years added to our lives. And of the new journeys we’ve yet to take.

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    • Yup! I don’t actually define beauty the way most people do. I think the older one is the more beautiful one is. Well depends who! The more life experience and wisdom. You meet beautiful souls of any age. All children have that beauty.

      The beauty of people, there’s definitely external beauty too. It’s the same kinda beauty as a sunset. It’s creation. And I love seeing dancing. I think dancing is beautiful.

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  2. My Grandma taught me to skip when I was five years old. She was not a small woman and must have been about fifty at the time, She also ran a rototiller in a huge garden into her early eighties. Your post makes me wonder how she saw herself! Great post that made me chuckle! ❤
    Thanks, Kate!

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  3. Right on, SweetKate!!!
    And I love that photo! 🙂
    Every time we see a well-seasoned person we MUST remember they were not always the age they are now…and they have so many amazing stories of their lives, and so much wisdom, that they can tell us. We need to make the time to sit down with them and listen to them. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    • I’ve written parts of it. And it comes through in my poetry. More than people know sometimes. 🙂
      BTW: That photo reminded me…when an elderly person is in the hospital, or hospice care, I always suggest family or friends put up a photo of the person when they were younger by their bedside…and tell the medical staff stories bout the person when they were younger…what they did, what they accomplished, what they enjoyed doing, etc…. 🙂 … then the med staff sees them as a person and not such an “old” body. 🙂

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