November’s sun is heating up
to warn us of a scorching summer
of bushfire season

as our lockdown lifts

with no travel abroad
people are planning
to explore their own back yard
seeking out those refreshing waterways

the eleventh marks Remembrance
of those fallen and those who
reside in a forever nightmare
damaged by war service

thirteenth is Kindness day
lord don’t we need that!
sixteenth is Tolerance day

getting the message?

it heralds in nursery rhyme week
one every poet should celebrate
twentieth is Children’s day
twenty fifth Stop Violence against Women

so November’s a time for reflection
of these noteworthy world days
of the year of angst and turmoil
that began with raging fires

then summersaulted into lockdown
igniting into political unrest
coz every Black Life does Matter

when will all the violence stop!

let’s declare a ceasefire
to become loving kind tolerant
human beans, let peace reign
lest we all go insane

it all starts with us
making less fuss
kindness and tolerance
healthier than violent lust

let this month reveal
that violence wont steal
that we make all this real
open up and feel

December will find
that we can all be kind
let life gently unwind
must tame my own mind …

d’Verse, November, Sanaa


  1. You always express, so beautifully, the things I’m thinking and feeling. 🙂
    I wish you THE most wonderful November!
    And, yes, us Human-beans need to exude love, patience, respect, kindness, ETC! 🙂 As the gorgeous trees in your photo see their beautiful reflection in the peaceful water…may we look into our hearts and see a reflection that makes us joyful and proud. 🙂
    Thank you for being a joy in my life! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Kindness and tolerance, we need them all season long. I am excited for your spring and summer season down under. Keep safe and enjoy the refreshing waterways !

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  3. A society is judged by how well it treats ALL of its people. I’d say Australia is a good step ahead of the USA. Having official days to remember and celebrate women, children, the fallen soldier along with promoting kindness and protecting victims of violence points to a society willing to shine a light on issues and also make a start toward correcting deficiencies!

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    • no we can’t take credit … my understanding is that these are international days! That as a member of my world you too could celebrate these issues Val 🙂

      Thanks to Norah for posting these dates


  4. I love reading about the flipside to our Northern-hemisphere November, however it’s so sad that the turn towards summer is tainted by the threat of wildfires. It has been a tough year all over the globe, for sure. I like that you remember not only the war dead but also those permanently scarred by their injuries and trauma.

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    • no that latter part is my addition Ingrid … I think those personal and their families are too often forgotten so when I give any talks I confront service communities about it 🙂

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  5. Your November down-under is different from ours, although – surprise! -this morning is very sunny, but with a chilly bite to it. I don’t envy your ‘scorching summer of bushfire season’ and hope the lifting lockdown proves successful as we go into another lockdown tomorrow. So many days to follow – we should be kind and tolerant all year round, care for children and stop violence against women anyway. By the way, my daughter is getting on with her squats for Refuge, raising money to help women and children who are victims of abuse and violence.

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  6. That’s a great poem, filled with so many November days to observe, Kate. What I like best is your focus on kindness. That’s what it’s all about. I think that’s what we all need a double dose of right about now. Thanks for your helping.

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  7. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and hearing of the concerns. Different than where I am with the sun heating up, however, emotions certainly are in this race to count the votes. I pray December does find us , all over the globe, in a good place, indeed!

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  8. Oh yes, please, let peace reign. We all are so tired of the divisiveness and hate, the juvenile antics, and the pandemic hovering over all. Yes, please, peace!

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  9. Our fall is a cool down to perhaps a frigid winter. But we too are exploring some wooded area just a few hours away – soon. We all need to unwind and clear our minds and stop beating the dead horse on what is different because we need to focus on what matters, what is or should be the same without shame – lovingkindness!

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  10. Wow kate…just wow….i can now figure out how November goes out there..

    From where I am November is one of the most dreaded months of the year as it is the month of super typhoons …and we just had one big storm 2 weeks ago.

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