sunday sky

the sunrise is 6am; blue sky and clouds 6pm

met my next door neighbour at the farmers market so I joined her on
a very long loop walk around the river
and along the north wall.
Next time I’d prefer to wear my walking shoes, sunnies and carry water!

What did you do today, this week, to treat yourself?

and remember to seize the moment, but unlike me, be prepared!

linked to Hammad’s Weekend Sky #4


  1. The weather is rather uncertain here in France, Kate . We still are on the first of November , this is all Saints Day so, this morning: church and in the afternoon a short nap then some small works in the garden as much as my legs allow it!
    Love ❤

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  2. A long walk is good, but I got my exercise setting all the clocks in the house back one hour. Then, with the time saved, I’m going to treat myself to a one hour nap this afternoon. After that, I’ll just go with the flow. After all, planning what to do every hour of the day might be more exercise than my brain can handle.

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  3. Awesome pictures of early morning and beautiful sunset too, Kate. Nice to be taking a long walk, it is so good for our overall health. Keep going down after three days for some groceries or to the bank otherwise locked in the house. My grandson keeps coming to the house say once a week and he is a laughter riot and we all have a great time. This is how the week goes and then sit and chat with you all on our WordPress. Am also going back to my stories and seeing where I can make a few changes. Have a nice week ahead.

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  4. I had a great moments on my birthday. Hubby and I went bowling and then had a really good dinner out. We shared a decadent dessert. The next day we played Mahjong and tonight I don’t have to cook either! 😀

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    • I should mention the beautiful wooden wishing well fountain that I got for our little courtyard in front of our home. I just now covered it with a coat of glossy varnish so it weathers the elements better. I feel so happy to have found it 🙂

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    • I went shopping with my daughter today – it was like shop till you drop 🙃 so many tempting deals at the factory outlet stores… finally called it a day when we were literally tired, now trying to catch up…

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  5. Beautiful sunrise! And those clouds are definitely stealing the show! 😉 😛 Gorgeous! 🙂
    We took a VERY early morning walk and just spent some time with the beautiful moon and the nippy cold in the air…good meditating, good breathing. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. Well, think about it this way, Kate – had you been “prepared” you wouldn’t have a nice buzz from a most pleasant surprise.

    Sure, you’ll take steps ahead of time when this happens next, but even now, life isn’t without its unexpected “happy accidents.”

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  7. Hi Kate, another lovely post, thank you! I have been enjoying some alone time over the past few days, as my life partner is away. What a joy it has been to eat the foods he doesn’t like, watch chick flicks in the evening and not wear makeup! I mean I miss him, but I love my alone time too! Have a great week! 🌞

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  8. Reading blogs today and I am enjoying the various writers here. I am also reading Macbeth nowadays at night. Missing school days when I first picked it and the teacher had the explanation ready.
    A long walk is always amazing but yes with the shoes on. Did you enjoyed the walk without shoes?

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  9. First, thank you so much for sharing these amazing sky photos with my challenge, Kate.

    Second, water and walking shoes are Total Must for outdoor trips. Now you know very well 🙂

    Third, I’m treating myself by watching way too many sparrows dining over the bowl I’m filling with birdseeds outside my home on daily basis this week. And I can’t name them because they all lookalike 😀

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