Friday Fun – beauty

we all see ‘beauty’ in very different ways …
I see it in nature, in kind hearts as it radiates out

please share your version of beauty 
link it back here then explore others interpretations

my pic of a white bellied sea eagle perched in a gum tree


  1. I love nature… and kind hearts too…
    Which is why I make it a point to visit you! 😉

    Natures leaves that are falling here now have a unique beauty. All the yellows, oranges and reds – bringing some color before the winter chill.

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  2. Love the photo! That sea eagle is beautiful and has a wonderful belly! 🙂
    Yes, beauty IS everywhere (especially love it in nature and in kind-hearted Human-Beans. 🙂 )
    And beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. […] Friday Fun – beauty, with a nod to Pragalbha’s link … scroll down to see my archive of beauty! beauty is often acknowledged as classic features, fit bodies, etc but these are only surface beauty … […]


  4. Hmm. I think beauty is everywhere.
    We look up.
    We look down
    We wonder where
    Beauty is found

    It’s found within
    It’s found with-out
    It can be found
    Everywhere about

    Beauty in the sun
    Beauty in the sky
    Beauty in the birds
    That fly up high

    In the smiles
    And the laughter
    Of which children
    Are the master

    And on…..

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      • It sounds better than I thought!

        I care more about the rhythm that I hear in my head than the rhyme.

        In the laugh lines
        Around the eyes
        That tell
        Of odds defied

        The colours
        Of the leaves
        That change
        As they please

        Beauty in
        Every which way
        Surrounds us
        Every day

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