when jealousy envy or greed arise
these harmful emotions blend
like black gooey molasses

casting me down
causing others to frown
soiling my mood brown

they bubble and simmer
offering love little glimmer
as they fester like a boil

causing deep inner turmoil
the poison seeps out
staining everything about

it castes darkness
breeds hatred
erupts unexpected

all control is lost
at enormous cost
my soul tossed frost

why do I entertain
such blatant destruction
that hijacks all joy

such hatred blemishes
divisive manipulative
it rusts any trust

rots me inside out
if I don’t give it a clout
sabotages quality of life

embroils me in strife
its sinister
and can become fatal

as morality spirals out
family and friends lost
why pay such a cost ….

d’Verse, OLN, Bjorn and Sanaa

my pic of shags on a dead tree … life sucked out!