the folly of flying a kite
of taking sheer delight

in slurping an ice cream
find fun ways to let off steam

as we all need an antidote
to combat lockdown fever

skip along the path
roll down the green grass

sing dance hum or talk
take a fake pet for a walk

do you indulge in a whimsy
wear a sexy negligee flimsy

drive with no destination
stop without hesitation

give folly a voice
make a rash choice

be foolish, act mad
healthier than sad

howl at that full moon
hum an off key tune

for life is too short
to be glumly caught

in sadness or fear
seek out your own cheer

d’Verse, folly, Lisa

took a drive on whimsy Sunday to photograph the jacaranda trees in Grafton … got plenty more!


    • I’m coping well enough as I can with small doses of insanity. 🙂 Been writing a lot more, reaching out to friends, and really spending time with my cats. Without my main cat (the one in my profile picture), I would be a lot more morose in these times. How about you? How are you coping?

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  1. Beautiful photo, Kate. Nice to see flowers are blooming somewhere in the world. I like that idea of taking a fake pet for a walk. I love my cats, but dogs make the perfect walking companion.

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  2. I love, love, love your message here, and how you’ve framed it with your words!
    ‘as we all need an antidote
    to combat lockdown fever’
    We certainly do! I’m off to feed the ducks with my kids – they must be starving now the tourists have gone home…

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  3. This is lovely. Maybe one positive from all the nonsense of this year will be our rediscovery of ourselves, being human, what fun is, that wasting time might can be… fun, actually!

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  4. Kate this was great! Your rhyming couplets truly put a smile on my face and warmed my heart. Thank you! Much needed in the midst of such gray negativity that seems to blanket the world. Truly Wonderful, uplifting.

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  5. Your poem has joy.
    Your pictures are awesome….

    Folly or innocence
    Dreams everywhere
    Smiles abounding
    Keep laughing

    (Do you see what I was trying to do?) I’m loving isolation time! No need to do anything or go anywhere.

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