When ghouls come down to visit town you’ll find me out all night with a light. Not one to take fright I’ll hunt them down.   Disguised as kids having fun they’ll cry out trick or treat for candy.  

Business owners rake it in from mere mortals trying to find cheer in customs and costumes. Let’s indulge good old-fashioned fun where we share spooky tales around the campfire or huddled in the dorm on camps. And let pranks rain down on April’s fool day. We can have much more fun in a more natural way! It’s sunny and warm here …

spring doesn’t invite fright

so keep your creepy candy

I’ll stay in tonight!

d’Verse, halloween, Frank T


  1. I bought up without Halloween, and so I’m not a fan of the Americanised event, and the Halloween traditions originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, which may have had pagan roots ….

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  2. I’m not doing Halloween either but this poetry is engaging and the advertisement for the home for sale is perfectly frightful! They both made me smile. Here we are rapidly sliding into wintery weather. It was a high today of 41 degrees F.

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  3. I prefer to share spooky tales around a fire, Kate, and am not allowed to partake of ‘creepy candy’, so I too will be staying in, cuddled up with the cats and a scary book.

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  4. A fun-filled, mischievous take on Halloween! I LOVE the add in the image. I would love to meet an estate agent who would actually say things like this…


  5. The House For Sale blurb is certainly smileworthy! Loved it. Otherwise, agree with your “Bah Humbug Halloween” approach. The old-fashioned Halloweens were more fun.

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  6. I haven’t treated boo’s and gouls in many a year. I turn out my porch light and close my curtains – if I haven’t chosen to dine out between 6 p -8p – In the distant past there were no curfews, then there were. I wonder how many will attempt treating on this full moon hollow’s eve? Saw a comic today with a parent and child. The child was tossed something from the person at the door… and the child said; “Awe, gee another bottle of hand sanitizer!!”

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  7. Kate, I enjoyed Halloween as a child. We used to collect for UNICEF when we went trick-or-treating. I think both trick-or-treat and parties are ill-advised this year. Your haiku describes the Halloween we will be having this year. I put a few small pumpkins on display. They will last through Thanksgiving and will probably still be good until March. Maybe by then, the really scary thing will be history! 🙂 Love your haunted house! Take care, Cheryl

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  8. I would love to knock on doors for treats and dressed as a ghoul. We do not celebrate it in India and I always am attracted to various celebrations around the world. Hope next year you all are able to celebrate Halloween the same way 🙂

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