that’s what it’s about
is emptying it all out

get rid of the pain
don’t let anxiety drain

fear leaves a dark hole
don’t let it tear our soul

paint clean walk jog
don’t dwell in that fog

we can find our own way
why wait another day

music garden paint create
an escape exorcise all hate

healing our self is priority
best done in sobriety

don’t linger with pollutions
there are fruitful solutions


d’Verse, sounds, Peter – just discovered these are a pair of Rainbow Bee Eaters!
© 2020 poem and photo Copyrighted

Classified endangered but seemed to be happily breeding in the area I found them in


  1. Ah Kate, so a yawning void
    also leaves you annoyed?

    Say you, fill that empty space
    while a big grin lights your face

    Soon there’ll be nowhere for glumness to hide
    when the world basks in your sunny side

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  2. The last couplet – “don’t linger with pollutions/there are fruitful solutions” is the most truth I’ve heard today! So many depend on self-medicating with alcohol and drugs that it is a wonder they function at all. I’m all for modern medicine but there are adjunctive methods like meditation, massage, acupressure/acupuncture to name a few that seem to be forgotten

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  3. Excellent rhyming, Kate, and alternatives to the primal scream I heard in the opening lines! Although, I rather enjoy primal screaming. A couple of new mantras here:
    ‘paint clean walk jog
    don’t dwell in that fog’
    ‘music garden paint create
    an escape exorcise all hate’.

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  4. I like the parading sounds of these words:
    “music garden paint create
    an escape exorcise all hate”
    A kind of call to arms against despair. Great writing.


    • Thank you! I kinda explain it on my blog but it’s about a journalist who goes to investigate a cult but he learns too much and they drown him in Lake Superior and he wakes up in a bizarre future where the world ends every night in a time loop paradox run by inter dimensional warlords

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