When something really disturbs my mind but is well beyond my control I have to brainstorm possible solutions. We lose at least one woman, mother, daughter a day to domestic violence each day here. Sure there are laws but statistics prove that although these women have towed the futile legal line their murderer has broken the law numerous times with no impunity – yes women also perpetuate violence but the majority by far are male!

This tells him that it’s ok, that he can get away with that ultimate act of killing. Sometimes done in full sight of the children who suffer ongoing repercussions of violence in the home. “Home” a place where we should all feel safe, a sacred refuge from the worldly turmoil becomes a place of fear and dread.

Our media has finally published stats on the dozens of police officers who are charged with DV but get off with no offence recorded coz they look after their own. Soon they will understand the link I saw decades ago … why would you charge another bloke with behaviour similar to your own? That you sincerely believe is quite ok.

So although women and coroners have tirelessly campaigned to change the laws it remains a legal system made by men for men … ‘justice’ is usually absent or ‘blind’ as depicted by the statue holding the scales! It’s not a coincidence that she is a female statue blinded by the oppression of a system operating against them.


Softball has a reasonable tally … three strikes and you’re out! So if a stalker, rapist, murder or DV violators break the law three times let’s give them another life … Let them suffer the consequences immediately.

On the other hand we have legitimate refugees locked up in concentration camps with no way out. And therein lies my proposed solution, swap them over. Yes if someone, anyone, regardless of gender breaks the law three times swap their home and their assets immediately with a legitimate refugee.

The legal system doesn’t seem to have been sufficient deterrent so maybe another lifestyle might be more suitable? If they know they will lose their home, their auto – an object close to most men’s hearts – and all their assets eg savings, investments, job. This could be a greater deterrent that might make them think again. But if not they should suffer instant consequences! Not delay the exchange until numerous appeals or wealth and connections get them off again.

Exchange them immediately and allow them to sit out the process in some remote community whilst the refugee gets a taste of freedom not at the taxpayers expense. Let the perpetrators assets set them up for a new life, a real chance at freedom. And sure the refugee probably wont be qualified to pick up the offenders job but once employers twig that they can and will lose offending staff members. Then they also might make it more uncomfortable for the offender to continue this unacceptable behaviour. We have to flog a failed system into finding feasible solutions to keep women and children alive and safe!