We cope so differently

            Painted mirth

                     Fatigued brow

                               Spiritual songs

                                          Opined seizure

                                                        Times chant

But we can all learn and grow

             Solitudes wish

                        Plague of prayers

                                    Pellucid quest

                                                      Patience narrows

                                                                        Contemplation deviation

Open my heart as I prepare my soul …

                  Sequenced songs

                                    Heart that longs

                                                      Searching soul

                                                                        Open communication

                                                                                          Lurid license

As I add to Greenberg’s charms to stretch our comprehension.
Don’t bow your head … listen learn and love instead!


d’Verse, Greenberg charms, Laura – apologies classic editor wont let me rearrange first part similar to remainding format