Ten musketeers set off from Brunswick Heads surf club to be serenaded by a nymphet just near the National Park! With the magic caste we had perfect weather and company tramping the dunes, flying wondrous dancing kites, watching from the sea walls and bathing in the ocean. Busy for a Friday but we had enjoyed spectacular views, wildflowers, birdlife and topless surfers, men that is.

All nicely completed with an ice cream by the river with drummers and a giggle. Who could ask for more!

I want to skite about flying my kite
as the string unwound it gained height
it’s bright colours a wondrous sight
stark against the sky as it took flight

to share may be trite
yet I felt compelled to write
that no other fun I can cite
compares to the joy of flying a kite!


  1. Sparkling pictures, Kate! Which your sparkling prose matches.

    In fact, in common with the kites you celebrate, your words swoop and dart before a favoring gale carries them aloft. Beautifully colorful shows in both cases, Kate!

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  2. Wonderful monorhyme!! I have always liked kites. I used to have a delta kite that was a wonderful flyer. In college there was a kite flying club – but they had “fighting” kites with abrasives on the strings to cut their competitor’s strings… I never wanted to join but it was fun to watch them flying!

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  3. such a wonderful poem Kate! I have not flown a kite in decades! Your words have taken me back to some fun loving days, the beauty of the sky and sun, the freedom of watching children and adults at play. Ah, I am basking in the beauty of your landscaped words. This makes me really happy this morning, just what the doctor ordered.

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  4. OH! You are quite right!!! 😉 (Ha…had to put in an -ite word and an -ight word! 😉 )
    Kiting is always fun! And what a beautiful day, with beautiful activities, and beautiful people! 🙂
    Love the little ones watching their mum! 🙂
    And ice cream to boot…wowza!!! 😀
    HUGS!!! 😉

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