Friday Fun – hidden

often things are in plain sight but seem hidden or carefully camouflaged

this fellow is keeping safe
others do it knowingly to deceive!

Please share your creative version of ‘hidden’ – writing, photos ++
then link it back here and explore others contributions




  1. I needed some minutes to see what the ” fellow ” was : a small reptile , a kind of lizard ! 🙂
    Here is a French saying, Kate: ” for living happy, let us live hidden ” ! 🙂
    Love ❤

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  2. What a cute little guy! He knows how to hold still when he wants or needs to…then zoom he will be off and running. 😀
    Ack on those who knowingly deceive. 😦
    PS…one of my fav positive love/”hiding”/hug/respite quotes:
    “Opening his arms he said quietly to her, “Disappear here.” – Jonathan Carroll

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