Dear Hearts,

Quite a few of you read my now deleted post “Moving Camp” … it arose directly from my struggle with the new fangled Block Editor!  Over the five years I’ve been here WP gremlins, net connections, etc have caused grief from time to time … BUT

Your response to my anticipated relocation was overwhelmingly warm …. so many of you were prepared to read me wherever I chose to blog!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart coz it truly is community that keeps me here.

Meanwhile I found it very easy to open two other blogs with opposition hosts, it was super easy to get started, to transfer all my posts, etc BUT … they both lacked the community connection that I’ve found here.  You can engage about my posts but only directly with me by email!  Meaning that you cannot read each others comments or have cross conversations … or follow others in your reader!  That whole community network and interaction was totally absent!

So sadly to say it seems like you may be stuck with me right here on WP for as long as I can dodge block editor … I love writing, I love the interaction and really dread quitting totally but it seems to be all or nothing if I don’t wish to adapt to their enforced changes.  Which I know for a fact is distressing a lot of other bloggers!  But their Happiness Engineers are not at all interested in keeping us happy … 

I had just paid for another year to keep their woeful ads off my blog, let’s see if I can last that long!  So sorry for any confusion, for stopping and starting, if we cannot jolly WP into providing a user friendly editor maybe we can encourage the opposition into enabling conversations on posts coz that community interaction is real motivation for me!

love and hugs from kate