WP editors confound bloggers!

Dear Hearts,

Quite a few of you read my now deleted post “Moving Camp” … it arose directly from my struggle with the new fangled Block Editor!  Over the five years I’ve been here WP gremlins, net connections, etc have caused grief from time to time … BUT

Your response to my anticipated relocation was overwhelmingly warm …. so many of you were prepared to read me wherever I chose to blog!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart coz it truly is community that keeps me here.

Meanwhile I found it very easy to open two other blogs with opposition hosts, it was super easy to get started, to transfer all my posts, etc BUT … they both lacked the community connection that I’ve found here.  You can engage about my posts but only directly with me by email!  Meaning that you cannot read each others comments or have cross conversations … or follow others in your reader!  That whole community network and interaction was totally absent!

So sadly to say it seems like you may be stuck with me right here on WP for as long as I can dodge block editor … I love writing, I love the interaction and really dread quitting totally but it seems to be all or nothing if I don’t wish to adapt to their enforced changes.  Which I know for a fact is distressing a lot of other bloggers!  But their Happiness Engineers are not at all interested in keeping us happy … 

I had just paid for another year to keep their woeful ads off my blog, let’s see if I can last that long!  So sorry for any confusion, for stopping and starting, if we cannot jolly WP into providing a user friendly editor maybe we can encourage the opposition into enabling conversations on posts coz that community interaction is real motivation for me!

love and hugs from kate


  1. Thank you for educating some of us. I honestly hope you stay, and the best way in my opinion to do that is what you have mentioned already, — adopt! this is the reality humanity is facing, adopting to our ever changing world.
    A big, big hug your way my dearest friend.


  2. I got used to it after a while and I think there are now even more layout options that didn’t work well before. There are still a few thing I’d like to be different. (Like the width of the blocks, but that might be due to the templates.) But I found a lot of things easier to layout.

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  3. Kate, Here are instructions for how to get to the Classic Editor:
    Go to the administration page that lists all your posts and drafts.
    In the upper left corner there is an “Add New” box with a downward pointing arrow.
    Click on the arrow and choose “Classic Editor”
    That takes you to the classic editor and you do a blog just as usual.
    After you save it and post, if you want to make changes, go back to admin page, select the post you want to edit, and select “Classic Edit” below the name of the post. If you just click on “Edit,” it will take you back to the damn Block Editor. If you hit it by mistake, just go back to the administration page.

    It takes a few extra steps but it is so much better than using the Block Editor.

    Good luck. Let me know if it works.


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  4. I am so so so SO glad you are going to be here on WP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    The WP Happiness Engineers don’t know how to keep people happy….but, you, SweetKate, always make me feel better! 🙂 Your words, your writings, your photos, your interactions, etc., spread so much happiness in so many lives! 🙂 Thank you!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…that is so weird how other blogging places, etc, don’t do anything to encourage community and interaction. 😦

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  5. I really hate that they call themselves Happiness Engineers. The block editor is totally annoying and they know it, but they are told to tell us everyone “loves it”. I used to be able to get into the old editor on the Admin page, but I can’t do that anymore, so…I suppose we will all get used to it and then they will change it again. I agree about the community here and I’m glad you are going to stick around. (K)

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  6. I am so happy you are staying. It is true only wp.com has a community no other blog setup has. Makes it the most fun.

    I hope your heart and mind change regarding the block editor. It isnt bad. And is improv9all the time.

    Also there is a classic block within the editor.

    What are people struggling with. May be I can help with youtube video?.

    So happy you are staying for now at least.

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  7. So glad I am not the only one frustrated with WP and the blocks. Like other programs, I don’t think the Happiness Engineers actually uses their own software on a daily basis. Or they have started test blogs after the block system was introduced. And I agree with whoever said they don’t really seem to care. I don’t mind the actual blocks, it is the overall system. Almost all my posts get error messages saying I don’t have permission to publish and it takes two or three attempts to publish them. I do mostly pictures so my posts are pretty simple so it is hard to find a problem. You are right about community though. In this pandemic, community is extra important. Happy weekend. .

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  8. I have seen more comments for the hate of Block Editor, than the love for it, since it’s been enforced. So I don’t believe those Happiness Engineers at all that say lots of people like it.

    As you know, I hate it. My new blog in Blogger already running. My WP blog coming to an end here, at the end of the year. But I am not deleting it and won’t decide on anything for a couple of years. Probably won’t do anything by then. But Blogger I will stay, while only coming back to comment on my favourite blogs.

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  9. I agree that it’s difficult to make the change. Hopefully, it will all work out for us in the end. Why change something that’s working, though? That’s something that I always find frustrating. Change for the sake of change, rather than improvement, is not progress. It’s just annoying.

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  10. We’re glad to have you here at WP for as long as you can stay! And I don’t know why they call them “happiness engineers,” since they certainly aren’t making us happy. Sadly, Word Press isn’t really interested in regular bloggers, but we’re stuck with it for now. I’m beginning to think that our lack of choice in most things technological is part of the reason so many people are so angry right now…..

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  11. Glad you’re staying!
    It sure takes some getting used to the new block editor! I can work with it, but find it less intuitive than the old editor. It now takes more mouseclicks to make a post than it did before.

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  12. All that “brainstorming” for days or may be weeks or months by those “Happiness Engineers”, just to change the way people blog in today’s world, must be weighed against every single comment of this post.
    No rocket science it will be to find the one with most weight.

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  13. Happy to keep up with you, Kate, no where the winds carry you.

    That said, the non-interactivity on the other platforms certainly would be a deal-breaker for me too. A good deal of the joy in posting/reading comes from the articles themselves, but just as enticing are the conversations which result. Take those away and, really, what’s the point?

    For now at least, I think I’ve figured out this whole Block Editor thing. Maybe the feature is available in the US only, or maybe WP will snatch it away soon, but for now, the “Classic” editor still is an option too. Still, you know how things go – as soon as we come to an understanding with Block Editor, something else newer and even more baffling will replace it.

    Until that day arrives, though, Kate, I’m glad to read you will remain active!

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  14. I have hated it but I love knowing you. Kate, and all my other blogging friends. I do like reading other blogs and knowing the people who make the comments. Word Press has been a delight to me. I have found that I can type my post in essay form as usual. When I leave a line for a paragraph, a new one comes up. It is not so hard now that I take a don’t care attitude and try to ignore all those little blocks. What I have had most trouble with are the settings, images, saving drafts, that kind of thing. I would hate to tell you an early good-bye so hang in here. I really miss the help from Happiness Engineers. They have their hands full remaking their dream world! We don’t do “defeat” easily. 😀

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  15. I had bookmarked your new site but deleted now. No worries.
    It is easy to communicate in reader on WP. May be after all the negative comments from the bloggers, WP might rethink about the new editor. I cross my fingers.

    At least they should ease the procees knowing the fact the ratio of retired bloggers are way more than others. Also it’s the senior population who is with WP for a while and they pay.

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  16. My last post was unceremoniously created using the Block Editor template and I’m not a fan! I had to instinctively figure out how to tap the icons I needed and only posted one photo…I was ready to post without photos but managed. I’m not looking forward to going through the frustration again, I wish we were given a choice, Kate!
    Glad to read that you chose to remain here in our world…

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  17. i am struggling with the new block editor as well kate and it is frustrating…
    but more than anything else, this is a wonderful community.. and i am so glad you are staying, though i am and will continue to read and follow you wherever you may go.

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  18. I’m so glad you’re still here Kate. I agree that it’s the interaction and our amazing community that’s the best part of blogging. Doesn’t matter how it all looks in the end. Big hugs from me. xxx

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