Friday Fun – artificial

artificial, fake, pretend there really are many words …

please share creatively  thru photography or writing
your version of artificial … or any of its variants

link it back here then sneak a peek at others creations!

my photo of artificial scorpions, beetle and dragonfly .. from Channon markets


    • its my shot from the markets … when I see something I really like I ask the creator if I can photograph them. They are usually quite chuffed and I get to keep the pic forever whereas I’d have no real use for their pieces 🙂

      They’d be chuffed to know you used the idea and wont be selling at the same market 🙂

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        • The kids art camp is one we ran for several years and then some other people took it over but I did a couple of projects for them last year. They probably won’t have it this year. I mean I don’t intend to sell the wire and bead insects. just to have the kids make them, but it is true that the best two galleries in town had to shut down recently–not only close, but close for good. So sad.

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