love n devotion

love is lost on us
for most have no comprehension
we think of it as mere possession

we use the term to manipulate
making us and them constipate
real love is lost

lust can’t be love
for it’s mere physical obsession
owning devouring impression

devotion is not love
for it is demanding and tainted
yet colourful and floral painted

real love
is acceptance inclusion respect
always giving with no expect

d’Verse, Louise Gluck, Bjorn – thanks for the intro, this poem is inspired by LG’s “a myth of devotion”


  1. Lovely poem! And so true, love has many forms, they even named them from Eros to Agape, the last maybe the ultimate form of love for all things, no separation of to quote my own poem “external is internal” and of course vice versa.
    I have been intoxicated by the Rush of so-called Love, when someone triggered something in me, but those were just as you described in the end.
    Only Love I feel is for my family and especially my son.
    But as I watch my friends in their neurotic relationships, I have doubts whether equal existence as a couple is even possible 😀

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  2. Well-said and poetic summation of what love is and is not. When I think of real love, I think of the love we get from our pets. 🙏

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  3. Can I get this one past the censor?

    I woke up this morning
    I opened my eyes
    And there was the news
    Of your Nobel Prize
    Well done my darling
    In comes your boat
    I was there right behind you
    I gave you my vote
    So this is my tribute
    I hope not too late
    But I have to be careful
    (It’s written for Kate)
    So no words too naughty
    No words too rude
    Not a word of that night
    That we spent in the nude
    I wish merely, Ms Gluck
    To acknowledge your fame
    But I cannot use words
    That rhyme with your name

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  4. Your love definition is right on! If people understood this, believed it, and lived it…the other things you talked about in your poem (possession, manipulation, ETC) would not exist. 🙂
    I’m so grateful for the real love I have in my life. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…your photo is SPECTACULAR! The beauty, the layers of color, the setting, the colors themselves…perfection…brings joy-tears to my eyes! 🙂

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  5. Very nice Kate… I like where your poem leads us… from misconceptions to the real thing….
    Loved this:
    devotion is not love
    for it is demanding and tainted
    yet colourful and floral painted

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  6. Where Is Love?

    Behind every word
    There is a thought
    Between every thought
    There is an emotion
    Underneath the emotion
    There is a heartbeat
    Below the heartbeat
    There is a soul
    Within the soul
    There lives love

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  7. Kate, lovely poem. Very astute descriptions of the different types of loveI I especially liked the description of devotion as “demanding and tainted, yet colorful and floral painted.” Devotion is usually thought of as a positive, but it can be exhausting , like an affectionate puppy following you around all day. looking for attention! 🙂 All the best! Cheryl

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