a year since mother died
comfortably in her bed
elderly with much pride
well warned and prepared

death we so often dread
coz afterlife is mystified
no guarantee of what’s ahead
want it written out clarified

but as I reside upside down
spring reveals her beauty
as life flourishes all around
we drink in her bountiful booty

for with each breakdown
it is my wanton duty
to declare life’s natural crown
so why be dark and sooty!

d’Verse, death ballad, Lucy


  1. Very solemn with reminders of death and life all around. I love your take on the prompt, Kate. It is well-written and evocative to the reality of grief, but with a lighter perspective that life still occurs. ❤

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  2. I am glad that she had that preparation & was comfortable with pride until the end. Life flourishes afterwards and I am happy to read this part:

    as life flourishes all around
    we drink in her bountiful booty

    Thanks for joining in.

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  3. Beautifully composed, Kate. Quite a deft way of taking what could’ve been a somber, glum topic, and using it to remind us of the sun waiting behind the clouds.

    That’s not at all dismissive of the loss we feel upon losing a parent. Lord knows, I’ve had plenty myself, as have a good many here, sadly.

    Still, Nature’s rejuvenation leads one to consider the eternal, and that our journeys together don’t end, necessarily, but they just change with the season. Thus, I see my father in every dawn, and with every springtime resurrection. This is the legacy we inherit, and which, one day, we will bestow.

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  4. The notion of death is always a reminder of the inevitability of a closure our immortality . Very often we are guided by its presence to lead a humane life . Some people are lucky to lead happy lives and face peaceful exit . Your post encourages one not to fear death but face it with grace .

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  5. An interesting poem Kate! It really does make a difference which hemisphere you live in as to your perspective on the month of October. Do you doe trick or treat Halloween in Australia?

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  6. This is so beautiful and reminds us that death is a part of our cycle and shouldn’t be dreaded, especially under natural circumstances. Death is also peaceful sleep, rest. Think about it …

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  7. Beautiful and poignant photo and poem, SweetKate.
    I think those who go on before us, are still always with us. And I think most people who die would want those left behind to grieve for a bit, but then get on with life and enjoy their life. That’s how I will feel with those I “leave behind”. 🙂
    It would be wonderful if in their final weeks, everyone could chose the way they want to go.
    PS… “Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.” – Haruki Murakami

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  8. There ain’t no guarantee about the thing that’s coming next
    But I think I’ve got a pretty fair idea
    There ain’t no nothing special at the ending of the text
    So there ain’t no nothing frightening to fear
    There won’t be any answer when my maker makes a call
    There’ll be no parting messages from me
    I won’t be getting judgement when the curtain starts to fall
    No applause. ‘Cause it’s just me. Ceasing to be
    Thanks for being with me on this roller coaster ride
    It’s been special for me holding dear your hand
    It would have been so clear if you had casted me aside
    But I’m glad you chose instead to understand
    I don’t know if you recognised the turning of the tide
    But when I’m gone I don’t suppose you’ll care
    But please don’t come a looking for me on the other side
    ‘Cause I can guarantee to you I won’t be there

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  9. Lovely poem, Kate! Life is a gift…as you say in your poem, like springtime for the heart. I believe that heaven is a beautiful place where spring itself is never-ending. I thank God for the gift of this life and for eternal life hereafter. I am sorry for the loss of your mother. There are never really any right words to say…only that others care.

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  10. Kate, Enjoyed this! Even the darkness of death is turned “upside down” – with the hope of new life, “spring’!! :)❤️


  11. That is an excellent way of looking at death. It is the natural end of all of us, and as much as we miss those who have died, it is not a bad thing for them. We miss them so, but we also know that it will all be okay.

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  12. Hi dear Kate, good to see you are at your chirpy best…. sorry if I’ve missed a few of your posts… I’ve been busy doing a manuscript…. my little house looks like a paper storm has blown in through the front door, and I’ve folders strewn everywhere from the lounge to the bed……. Cheers 😄

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