accurate …

we often make blanket statements
a broad generalisation
but there are always the exceptions
that break societal expectations

I try to be accurate with my speech
yet politicians are well known
to manipulate the truth
we need to be wary and check the facts


d’Verse, blanket x 44 words, Merril


  1. Accuracy, Kate, certainly. We have these brains, most impressive, and how ungrateful must we be not to use them? Do something with the information, rather than let it sink into the muck.

    Pop the bubbly (or the sparkling juice, for those of us not so inclined). Let the bubbles tickle our noses!

    That said, faith does have a place too. It’s touching, and it speaks to a glowing spirit. So, faith too, yes, just not blind faith.

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  2. I like what you’ve done with the word ‘blanket’ here. A timely reminder that some of the world’s most powerful politicians are busy blanketing the truth even as we write.

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  3. So right on, SweetKate! Great poem, great message!
    Fact checking is vital these days!
    Often politicians DON’T have an adult relationship with the truth, or with how to treat others.
    They need to go back to Kindergarten and learn a thing or two or a hundred. 😉
    PS…Oh, gosh, your photo is phenomenal! Love the motion, textures, colorful layers of nature! 🙂

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