moonlite #haibun

I love to wander under the stars but the moonlit nights are best. I’d wander down to the river fabricating stories about my unknown neighbours as I passed their isolated rural houses. They were usually all curled up in bed asleep.

But one was always up, the house lit bright and music pounding out loud. Decided she was an artist working late at night when her muse ignited. Later found it was a single man missing his daughter who was abroad. We never know what another’s gone through as the moon shines down to guard our sleep.

moon beams bright shedding

light on this spring night showing

us another way …

d’Verse, moon haibun, Frank


  1. Thank you very much for tapping on the sleeping part of my fragile memory about the time when I used to watch over the hide and seek play between the moon and clouds on the summer night skies.
    It was definitely more than special for me 🙂

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  2. ohhh dear kate i love your haibun… and yes we never know what story lies beneath the moonlight.

    P. S. haven’t seen the moon for a while now.. with the towering building around me the sky isn’t in my view..

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  3. Moonlight can be so much better than the sunlight in ways we cannot define. It’s darkness helps you find a part of you missing , helps in thinking about that needed your attention , things you once didn’t care much about

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  4. ‘We never know what another’s gone through as the moon shines down to guard our sleep.’ Absolutely true: it’s easy and even fun to make up stories, but often the reality is much harder to imagine. I love your haibun with the moon ‘showing/us another way.’

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  5. this is so beautiful……….I love walking at night and I always wonder what others are doing and I pray for those I feel who need it……and as you pointed out, you just never know what others are going through………..

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  6. Is there such a thing as a double haiku? I’m too lazy to do he whole haibun thing

    Missing you so much
    Nights under the moon and such
    So close I can touch
    Your skin with my mind
    Let this night the moonlight find
    Us. Two of a kind

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  7. “We never know what another’s gone through,” .. this resonates deeply with me. The entire haibun is poignant and filled with the fragrance of assumption vs truth. May we be more kind to each other! 💝

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  8. This is such an interesting perspective, and the moon glistens as it always does in its mystery. You communicate this essence well, Kate. I enjoyed reading your piece. ❤ It's beautifully written.

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  9. You say so well what the moonlit night ispires to you. T
    The photo is grandiose and your haikusays the all of your thoughts in some words.
    Thinking of you, here is ” Clair de lune ” ‘ (moon light in English ) by Bethoven

    Love ❤

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