why won’t we face
the absolute disgrace
of the damage we’ve done
pollution extinction destruction

yet many are doing their utmost
saving lives, replanting
lessening their footprint
these individual warriors

can become a mighty force
to be reckoned with
leading by example
determined to turn the tide

please match their stride?

d’Verse OLN, Mish


  1. A gorgeous, colourful photograph, Kate – what a shot! – and a passionate call to action. I like the rhythm and internal rhyme in the list of three: ‘pollution extinction destruction’, which drives home the damage done and its juxtaposition with the many who are doing their utmost to turn the tide.

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  2. Yes, we must.
    Powerful and important message in your poem, SweetKate!
    I don’t understand how people can see the birds, animals, plants, trees, etc., and not want to make the world better for them…and for future generations of Human-Beans.
    That birdie in your photo is stunningly beautiful and precious!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Well said! COVID has set things back even further – I had been purchasing most of my vegetables fresh and in bulk so I don’t have to deal with the plastic but the stores are now shrink wrapping everything!!

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  4. Beautiful, Kate.

    By the way, is the photo yours? It always is fascinating to connect with someone for whom that’s a local sight. For those of us us in this part of the world, a trip to the Aviary would be required,

    Wonderful that, for you, it’s all part of the local color. Maybe, makes it just a little easier to keep your sun beaming.

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