protest poem

bigoted bias is blatant
when law enforcers kill at will
Humanity is Forsaken

when rapists and murders go free
on legalities, justice vanishes and
Humanity is Forsaken

when men earn far more
and monopolise the senior positions
Humanity is Forsaken

when psychopaths and dictators rule
massive protests go unheard
Humanity is Forsaken

when those with excessive wealth
vote based on who will fill their pockets
Humanity is Forsaken

when refugees have to risk their lives
escaping wars poverty and oppression
Humanity is Forsaken

when all the isms are ignored
we weep for humanity for
Humanity is surely Forsaken

d’Verse, protest poem, Grace


  1. Oh isn’t it hard reality of recent times. It’s so fatal that instead of being more humane we are going towards a black hole in the name of religion, race and colour of skin.

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  2. Yes. So true. So powerful. (My tears are flowing.) Such a powerful important poem, SweetKate!!!
    Humanity (the human race) = priceless, precious people…and those in positions of authority, power, and wealth should treat humanity with humanity (humaneness, compassion, fairness, respect, etc.).
    That lily is beautiful, delicate, tender, precious, too. 🙂

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    • yes I really don’t “GET” why we can’t nurture and support each other … share all things fairly but greed hoards and one day that will bring them down!
      Love and Hugs to my humane pals 🙂

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  3. The alliteration on ‘b’ in the opening line Is like a hammer tapping open a can of worms – and then it’s opened in the rest of the poem, Kate, and the repetition hammers home the message! I hear you loud and clear, Kate!

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  4. I agree with everything you’ve said here, and I love the form you’ve used to say it. Repetition works in protest poetry, and your repetition at the end of each stanza keeps your message clearly in focus throughout the poem – I join with you in protest!

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  5. Yes, YES, YeS, yEs, Kate!! All the yes-es to your words here!! We have lost sight of seeing the humanity in those different from us. If we don’t find it soon, find empathy and kindness and compassion – we will truly be lost. So well written l, dear friend!

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  6. You have really said it all, and may I add, when the rich avoid jail for their crimes because they can afford bail money, than your than your poor man. Crime is crime and victims should be treated the same by law.

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  7. Your refrain is well said and noted. The thing about our humanity is that it contains our human nature, and therein lies the crux of our inequities.

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  8. Daily we are force fed disaster, calamity, murder, mayhem. It is easy to believe we’ve gone to hell in a handbasket, Yet I can see my neighbors, church friends, family, and most people I know are God-fearing, good people. There’s a vast army of good people doing good things we never hear about. Sometimes I want to scream at the doomsayers. I want to celebrate the good, I don’t want to dwell on the inhumanities of the few. Your poem certainly points out the atrocities of those few. Well said.

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