it is more about the journey
coz there is no guarantee
we will reach our destination

a manual gives me more control
to maneuver those curves and bumps
an automatic relies on brakes and accelerator

dual operation leaves far less control
unable to drift with the nuances
I bounce between the extremes

I prefer the windy scenic back road
to the angry toxic highway
less traffic and more courtesy

a more leisurely pace
coasting thru the curves
glimpsing lush green valleys

than speeding with agro impatience
tailgating me or changing their pace
when overtaking opportunities arise

a steady rural pace
fits easier than the toxic race
living in the now is ace!


  1. Love it! I am planning a trip and for a good portion I’ve mapped out the route on the “Pig Trail Scenic Byway”. Although I’m anxious to get to the destination, I know that the journey is at least half the fun! (and that fun includes a more leisurely pace with slower speeds and a better view than miles of asphalt and concrete!)

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  2. So true! I agree! 🙂
    AND, yes, it is all about the journey.
    I’m so glad we crossed paths on our journeys. 🙂
    I love the less traveled, slower paced route…which reminds me of Mr. Robert Frost…
    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.”
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. It’s all about the journey
    It’s where you’ve been, not where you’re going
    But the river’s running fast
    So much faster than I’m rowing
    My life is overtaking me
    Is that my past that’s passing by?
    There’s glimpses of my childhood
    In the corner of my eye

    I know that I’ve done evil
    That I don’t deserve to live
    There is no God in heaven
    That is likely to forgive
    A sun that rose in front of me
    Is setting from behind
    So, God, if you must take me
    Please erase me from your mind

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    • Despite the constant rumour mill
      My life has never been uphill
      I came from mother’s underneath
      A silver spoon between my teeth
      Since then life’s been an open door
      I could not wish for any more
      I don’t deserve a life like me
      I don’t deserve your sympathy
      I don’t deserve another day
      But I’ll take it. Anyway.

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  4. What a rude awakening the opening stanza is; we get so comfortable and carried away, but forget we might never get there, right? and what’s the final destiny anyway? there is only one guaranteed outcome.

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    • well picked Angela … it’s about the journey, the destination is always a bonus if we find it 🙂
      But it’s also moveable, changeable … it transforms during our journey 🙂

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