taming #ekphrastic

when I create or meditate
my optimistic mind can
produce a meadow of
flowers and beetles

it used to produce some
horror scenes until I tamed it
but like kids and gardens
our thoughts thrive
on boundaries

so use distraction
to foist off all
fear anger and doubt

let it blossom
with bountiful
that lift your spirit

others feel the good vibes
radiate out and want part
of the action, its attraction

as master of my own mind
it allows me to unwind
and be more kind
try it and see what you find

d’Verse, ekphrastic, Catrin Stein art, Lillian


  1. I love love loved the first stanza! I meditate every day, combined with yoga and stretching…I actually have some music I always use. Yes….it makes my mind bloom and moves me to the positive side of life….centers me. “Master of your own mind” — so important in these days of 24/7 news, Covid and political divisions. Your poem is a wonderful response to the art and timely as well!

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  2. I can relate to your optimism and blooming garden in the mind. Good vibes and positive thoughts attract like minded people as well. Thanks for participating at dVerse.

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  3. For many years (working in a hostile environment) I would spend time in my inner world. It allowed me to tune out all the naysayers. I could find peace and order and a sense of balance. We all need to cultivate our inner world/garden…

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  4. Your poem speaks to me, Kate! I couldn’t live without creativity or my wild garden. I do still wander in horror, I love writing dark stories and poetry, but I also enjoy ‘blooms that lift your spirit’, especially this year.

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  5. What a perfect pairing of poem and painting!
    Love your poem!
    I have learned through meditation, breathing techniques, listening to certain music, etc., how to push aside the “horror scenes” (don’t want them taking up permanent residence) and making room for the delight and the joy to fill my mind. 🙂
    I’m amazed at people who have weedless, flourishing garden-gardens in their yard, spotlessly clean homes, etc., and yet they let their minds fill with the clutter/chaos of fear, hopelessness, anger, bitterness, etc. Always important to give positive attention to our minds, do those things that help our minds be peaceful, joyful, and productive.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  6. I love the concept of mastering one’s own mind. I try to surround myself with positivity, and avoid that which is miasmic, dark and dank. It brings me down. Loved your poem, and totally agree!

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  7. That is so true! It’s hard, but so important to train our minds towards the positive. The first time I learned this was even a possibility was once when I woke up from a particularly awful nightmare, and I told myself firmly, “You are not going to dream about that again.” And I didn’t. We have more power over our minds than we realize!

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  8. “when I create or meditate
    my optimistic mind can
    produce a meadow of
    wild flowers and beetles”

    this is so beautiful Kate.. i’d love to experience this..it has been very chaotic lately and so is my mind..

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    • yes a symptom no doubt of your current situation … might help to start meditating but you usually need to have been doing it quite a while to calm in such situations!

      Maybe distraction would work better for you just now? Another skype with the girls, reading, walking, helping others … just to take your mind off the endless waiting!

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  9. This is deeply profound! So much to love especially; “let it blossom with bountiful blooms that lift your spirit other feel the good vibes radiate out and want part of the action, its attraction.” 💝

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  10. Mindfulness, like gardening, depends entirely on the resources you bring to the plot. Let mumbling resentments seep, and you’ll get rocks, weeds and bare patches.

    However, take care often, and water generously with love, smiles and ideas, and watch the blooms burst sunward, In color and brightness that surprise even you.

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