live poetry #d’Verse

my d’Verse mates are tech savvy
meeting and chatting in virtual time
no idea how to do

and too lazy to learn

satisfied with reading the words
altho I’m sure many excel at reading
I’m more comfortable at reading others
than exposing live online

Bjorn the fearless instigator
started this new peaking trend
a go setter by all means
as the team expands to the seams

glad to hear the joyful snippets
of those productive face to face times
but relieved to take a back seat
as my blogging unwinds …

d’Verse, OLN, Bjorn


  1. I’m there with you in the back seat. 😉
    I enjoy the reading and exchange of ideas and prompts
    But not so much impressed with new tech. Had a few of those Meet-ups and well the connections aren’t always best depending on who has what carrier.
    I’ll pass on that new trend for now 😀

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  2. hurray for a poetry reading kate… I love to do this.. and with the advent of technology now, poets around the world can gather online as what dverse is doing… It is really a beautiful platform and your poem is very smart and clever as well.. i love it.

    happy weekend

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  3. I can’t make sense of the internet
    It needs all these passwords
    That I always forget
    I can’t keep track of virtual time
    And I can’t feel the rhythm
    If the words don’t rhyme
    I ain’t no poet … I’ve no mates at d’verse
    I know that you know it
    And that makes it worse
    But I keep passing comment
    What else can I do?
    It runs in the blood
    So you do too.

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  4. I like to be able to hear a voice to go with a face but I don’t want to put in the effort either. Besides I’m busy and they are scheduled at inconvenient times… (excuses, excuses)

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  5. OMG. Me, too. Thought i’d listen in and next thing I knew I was looking at my face, without makeup and with morning hair, in spite of the fact it was after 9 at night and looking 20 years older than I thought I looked. Damn. Why didn’t anyone warn me???? Slammed that lid down faaaaast.

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  6. Quickly drawn and clever stuff Kate… I did actually try and give it a go myself – but my repeated attempt only crashed – so retreated to drink tea and read instead!

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