A couple of Terek sandpipers rest on the sand with the flock of local Royal Terns. Tereks migrate thousands of miles to avoid the northern winter freeze. During migration they will drift on the breeze and in their dreams they sleep with the moon.

Such adventurers have no border restrictions, they don’t have to file for visas or passports. They merely lift their wings and majestically migrate to any warmer destination that appeals. With the locals so astounded by their surprise visits no squabbles unfold. Yet the language barrier ensures a bewildered mingling as each suss the other out.

This regal couple remain aloof just grateful for a rest on the sand with unfamiliar feathered friends. So although the tern may be royal the sandpipers are without doubt regal!

d’Verse, 144 words prose, including “In their dreams they sleep with the moon.” Merril